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Optical Illusions

optical illusions

New Games

play optical illusions jigsaw

Optical Illusions Jigsaw

Mess with your brain while solving 10 optical illusion jigsaw puzzles.

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play happy flowers

Happy Flowers

Match 3 or more flowers with the same color to remove them from the screen. Achieve the quota for the current level to advance to the next one.

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play virtual curling

Virtual Curling

The objective in Curling is to get the stones as close as you can to the center of the circle. The winner is the person with the highest score.

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play mills


Mills or Nine Men's Morris is a two player strategy board game with main objective to reduce the opponent's pieces to two and win the game.

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play easy chess

Easy Chess

The creator of Easy Chess game took the time to develop a game according to his own skills, a Chess game for beginners.

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play spectromancer


Play the official free Spectromancer flash version, a game of magic and strategy. Use the four elements decks, corresponding creatures and spells to beat the opponents.

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play dota artwork jigsaw

DOTA Artwork Jigsaw

Solve 10 jigsaw puzzles of fans made DOTA images.

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play nature jigsaw

Nature Jigsaw

Solve 10 nature themed Jigsaw puzzles.

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play ford mustang jigsaw

Ford Mustang Jigsaw

Gather the pieces of the puzzle to get a full image of Ford Mustang - The American Muscle.

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play stunt pilot trainer

Stunt Pilot Trainer

Train to become a stunt pilot without danger to hit the rings. When you feel ready try the sequel where every obstacle is deadly.

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play stunt pilot

Stunt Pilot

Complete various tasks by flying through rings with your airplane. Use arrow keys to control the direction of the flight.

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play rembrandt jigsaw

Rembrandt Jigsaw

Five Rembrandt's paintings are waiting to be assembled: The Night Watch, The rich old man from Parable, The blinding of Samson, The mill, and The return of the Prodigal Son.

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play old tavern

Old Tavern

Find all objects at the Old Tavern listed on the left side of the screen.

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play beauty of syria jigsaw

Beauty of Syria Jigsaw

Being a home to many nations over the centuries, Syria is rich with old architecture, monuments and most importantly, culture. Solve the puzzles and enjoy It's beauty.

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play fishao


Play Fishao, an unusual MMO social fishing game free online at

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play killer sudoku

Killer Sudoku

An irregular Sudoku game where you need to fill all empty squares so the numbers 1-9 appear once in every column, row, 3x3 and red box.

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play dogfight the great war

Dogfight: The Great War

Simulate WWII biplane air combat against the computer or a friend in a hot seat.

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play nature strikes back

Nature Strikes Back

Aim carefully, press the shoot button and watch the masked nature destroyers go out of this world.

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play unlock the mystery 2: the basketball diaries

Unlock the Mystery 2: The Basketball Diaries

A 10 year old boy named Gabriel is missing from the camp. Your job as a detective is to find all clues that will solve the case.

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play cloth rotation

Cloth Rotation

Rotate the board using arrow keys to match three or more identical cloth and remove them from the box.

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play mass mayhem 2099 a.d.

Mass Mayhem 2099 A.D.

Another Mass Mayhem taking place in 2099 A.D. with futuristic weapons, mechs, complicated tactics and bunch of mission objectives.

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Social Games

play family barn

Family Barn

Play Family Barn and get ready to be the best virtual farmer there is!

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play triviador


Use your knowledge of trivia to conquer the world! Your strategic placement is determined as a result of your answers to questions.

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play dreamfields


Dreamfields is a cute farming game with bears and dragons, and many more fairy creatures.

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play fishao


Play Fishao, an unusual MMO social fishing game free online at

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