Free Online Sudoku Puzzle Games - Regular, Irregular, Chain, Diagonal, Multy and more

play 3 sudoku puzzles

3 Sudoku Puzzles

Three classic Sudoku puzzles with very good graphics. Three difficulties to choose from: easy, medium, and hard.

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play chain sudoku light - volume 1

Chain Sudoku Light Volume - 1

Another great set of chain Sudoku puzzles developed by Conceptis Puzzles.

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play classic sudoku

Classic Sudoku

3 levels of difficulty plus a custom mode to choose your own random puzzle with a level of difficulty of your choice.

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play dkm software sudoku

DKM Software Sudoku

Classic daily Sudoku puzzle game developed by Four difficulties - four daily puzzles!

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play doof sudoku

Doof Sudoku

The challenge is to complete each level in a limited time window. It gets harder as you advance through the game.

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play fall time sudoku

Fall Time Sudoku

A regular Sudoku game created by Fupa. Fill all empty squares with numbers 1 to 9.

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play fog sudoku

FOG Sudoku

Developed by this is a classic game with 9x9 grid and 3 difficulties.

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play funbrain sudoku

Funbrain Sudoku

Two levels of difficulty, 1200 Sudoku puzzles to choose from with an option to print puzzles.

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play horror sudoku

Horror Sudoku

This game can be considered as a Sudoku tutorial. There are 20 consecutive puzzles with different levels of difficulty each containing 16 games. 320 puzzles overall.

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play hyper sudoku

Hyper Sudoku

An irregular Sudoku game with additional 3x3 boxes. Fill in the empty squares so the numbers 1 to 9 appear exactly once in each row, column, and each marked 3x3 grid.

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play ifs sudoku

IFS Sudoku

Three classic puzzles with very good graphics. Three difficulties to choose from: easy, medium, and hard.

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play japanese sudoku

Japanese Sudoku

New puzzle generated each time, three difficulties to choose from with relaxing background music.

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play killer sudoku

Killer Sudoku

An irregular Sudoku game where you need to fill all empty squares so the numbers 1-9 appear once in every column, row, 3x3 and red box.

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play mahjong sudoku

Mahjong Sudoku

Using Mahjong circle tiles instead of numbers this is a mix between Sudoku and Mahjong game.

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play math sudoku

Math Sudoku

Uses equations instead of simple numbers. Difficulty of this game is hard.

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play mix sudoku light - volume 1

Mix Sudoku Light - Volume 1

A set of Sudoku puzzles including classic, diagonal, irregular, odd/even, chain, multy, developed by Conceptis Puzzles.

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play mix sudoku light - volume 2

Mix Sudoku Light - Volume 2

Game developed by Conceptis Puzzles. Type: Classic, Diagonal, Irregular, Odd/Even, Chain, Multy.

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play nikoli sudoku

Nikoli Sudoku

Five puzzles to solve. Two easy, two medium, and one hard puzzle.

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play playzi sudoku

Playzi Sudoku

Random puzzle generated each game. Couple of hints available for when you are stuck.

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play roxdoku 3d sudoku time attack

Roxdoku 3D Sudoku Time Attack

An unusual 3D Sudoku timed game. Solve the puzzle in a given time to advance to the subsequent level. Type: 3D, Ascending, Timed.

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play sinister sudoku

Sinister Sudoku

This puzzle is sinister indeed. After each move whole puzzle changes. Very hard to play.

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play sky samurai sudoku

Sky Samurai Sudoku

Very challenging game with an option to choose Regular or Samurai type of puzzle, and many difficulty levels including Custom difficulty.

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play sudoku 13

Sudoku 13

One classic Sudoku puzzle with 9x9 grid.

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play sudoku 32

Sudoku 32

Game number 32 with one 9x9 grid to solve.

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play sudoku battle

Sudoku Battle

Play multiplayer Sudoku Battle against the AI or other players. Choose your number and place it in the right square for 100 points. Wrong placement costs 250 points.

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play sudoku by

Sudoku by

A regular Sudoku game developed by with 3 levels of difficulty and custom puzzle generator each game.

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play sudoku challenge

Sudoku Challenge

Finish the challenge by solving four puzzles in time. Each game is timed to 20 minutes.

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play falls

Sudoku Falls

A classic Sudoku puzzle with 9x9 grid and customizable difficulty.

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play sudoku game online

Sudoku Game Online

Six grid types, three levels of difficulty plus an editor to create your own puzzle.

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play sudoku generator

Sudoku Generator

A classic Sudoku puzzle with 9x9 grid. Generate new puzzle or switch to solver mode.

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play sudoku hero

Sudoku Hero

Fun game with many in-game options. Choose the difficulty level and/or time needed to solve the puzzle.

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play sudoku unlimited

Sudoku Unlimited

A 9x9 grid with normal difficulty puzzle. Each game new puzzle generated.

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play sudoku world

Sudoku World

Choose your desired difficulty and solve the puzzle. Submit your score to compete with other players from around the world.

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play too hard sudoku

Too Hard Sudoku

Hard Sudoku game for the real fans. Play campaign or play random level. Whichever you choose the challenge is hard.

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play well sudoku

Well Sudoku

Classic Sudoku game with many available type of grids and difficulties.

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play wordoku


This game uses letters instead of numbers with 9x9 grid and two game modes: easy and hard.

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