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play animal olympics - diving

Animal Olympics - Diving

Your contestant in these Animal Diving Olympics is a penguin. Get on the platform and choose the jumping direction.

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play aqua lander

Aqua Lander

Navigate your submarine and save all divers. Land it safely on the platform once the divers are saved. Arrow keys to navigate.

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play aquarotation


Navigate the submarine through the underwater maze. Get to the end of each level to plug the hole on the bottom of the sea by clicking on it.

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play be water

Be Water

The destiny of this water drop is not to fall on the ground, but in cocktail. Gather other drops and coins in the glass to pass the level.

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play black navy war 2

Black Navy War 2

A great, classic naval war game hit is back again in grand scale! Defend your base from endless incoming enemy forces.

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play crab love money

Crab Love Money

Take turns with the opponent to cut one, two, or three rings and manage to get to the treasure.

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play dock it

Dock It

Dock your cruiser on the right spot. Watch the wind and do not let smaller boats crush into you.

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play dock the boat

Dock the Boat

Dock the boat on the appointed spot in one minute using the direction keys. One collision is enough to sink.

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play dolphin rescue

Dolphin Rescue

Rescue the dolphin by dodging the barrels and eating fish. Compete with other players for the longest distance.

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play feed us 5

Feed Us 5

This is the fifth sequel of the game called Feed Us. A story of a piranha controled by you.

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play frog panic

Frog Panic

Frog Panic is a game of reflexes where you need to avoid cannon balls, collect stars and jewels but NOT explosive devices.

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play in the seabed

In the Seabed

In The Seabed is not an easy game. Pass through water pipes without touching the walls or objects in the way.

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play jet ski

Jet Ski

Jet Ski, literally! Avoid the mines and collect the Pepsi!

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play miniboat racers

Miniboat Racers

Choose from two game mods - time trial or championship. Race your boat to the finish line using the arrow keys.

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play navy - expand your horizon

Navy - Expand Your Horizon

To complete each level you must rescue all of the men in the water. Destroy the submarines attacking your ship with your torpedoes.

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play park my boat

Park My Boat

The goal of this game is to successfully park your boat on the assigned spot. Try not to rush, go forward slowly.

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play park the boat

Park the Boat

Fun game. Park the boat in a given time, earn points and pass the current level.

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play rib challenge

Rib Challenge

The goal of this game is to complete tasks with your boat. Use the arrow keys to navigate and press the space bar to see new objectives on the map.

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play river rush

River Rush

Show how good you can drive the boat and reach the highest score. Avoid the rocks and islands and collect points. Arrow keys to navigate.

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play sea assault

Sea Assault

In the middle of the sea you are all alone in your boat. Attacked from above and under you have limited amount of missiles use.

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play shark attack

Shark Attack

Steer your boat using the wind power and save the men who've fallen overboard from the Great White Shark! Arrow keys to navigate.

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play uber boat

Uber Boat

Great navy game! Destroy the submarines by dropping bombs from your war boat on them. Avoid being hit by torpedo or mine.

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play ukiwa


Jump into the swimming pool on one of the objects floating on the water. Speed changes in time so bit of focus is a must.

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play war ship

War Ship

This is a war Game, where we play against the computer as opponent and try to destroy the ships installed in their territory by bombing each other.

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play warfare transporter

Warfare Transporter

Shoot submarines and airplanes with your transporter to complete the level. Avoid their torpedoes and missiles. Point and click with mouse to shoot.

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play water taxi

Water Taxi

A fun game to play. Follow the map to pick up the passengers. After you pick them up look again at the map and take them to the highlighted spot.

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