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play 4x4 football

4x4 Football

In this football game there are four goals instead of two. Your goals are the one on the right and the one on the bottom.

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play dkicker


A soccer game where you get to choose your desired cup and favorite team to start the game. The ball is thrown to you from the sides.

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play flags maniac

Flags Maniac

How well do you know the flags of the world countries? Test your knowlegde as well as your speed in this quiz game.

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play football chain

Football Chain

A fun game where the objective is to hit as many balls as possible and advance to the subsequet level. When each ball explodes it is divided into four pieces.

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play football-launch

Football Launch

Football Launch is very addicting ball game in which the goal is to shoot the ball as far as you can. Adjust the angle and power and click to shoot.

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play football running back

Football Running Back

Football Running Back is fun American Football game. Avoid obstacles or jump over them, collect power-ups and slide to tackle the opponents.

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play football training

Football Training

Try to hit the moving target with the ball. Watch the wind and aim carefuly. Left click on the desired spot to shoot.

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play free kick duel

Free Kick Duel

Adjust the angle and curve of the ball by holding down the left mouse button, then release it to shoot. Free Kick Duel is a great game for your spare time.

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play goalkeeper


Goalkeeper is simple and very addicting soccer game. The goal is simple, catch the ball but not the bricks.

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play goalkeeper premier

Goalkeeper Premier

Keep the goal safe and don't let the opponents score. Collect three gloves to score a goal.

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play go football

Go Football

Kick the ball as many times as you can. Bounce it of the glowing wall for extra points. The ball can only fall two times, the third time is game over.

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play golden cup

Golden Cup

You are in front of the opponent's goal and players are rushing towards you to get the ball. You have less than a second to decide where to shoot ... good luck!

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play ice skating

Ice Skating

A simple Ice Skating game with an objective to stay on the track and avoid other skaters.

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play instant football

Instant Football

Instant Football is simple yet addicting soccer game. You control the blue team and have three minutes to win the game.

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play jersey maniac

Jersey Maniac

Do you know the football teams colors ? Guess which shirt belongs to which team. Good luck.

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play mini golf pro

Mini Golf Pro

A simple Mini Golf game where the objective is to complete each hole by adjusting the angle and the power of the shot.

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play mini putt

Mini Putt

A Mini Golf game where you can choose from Practice mode, World Tour, and Newgrounds Open. Complete all 18 holes in less strikes as possible.

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play penalty 10

Penalty 10

You have 10 penalty shots. Press and hold the left mouse button, select the power of the shot and the spot on the goal where you want to shoot.

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play penalty challenge

Penalty Challenge

Choose your favorite team and start the penalty shoot-out tournament. Use mouse to control the power and angle of the shot.

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play penalty fever plus

Penalty Fever Plus

Choose your favorite team and lead it to victory. Shoot a penalty, then defend the goal.

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play penalty rush

Penalty Rush

Combine the direction and power of the shot to score a goal. Click the left mouse button when you feel ready.

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play pigs on ice

Pigs On Ice

Finish all figure skating routines in each of the 36 levels. The routine is completed when you collect all gems in each level in a limited time window.

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play powershot reloaded

Powershot Reloaded

Choose your guy to hit the ball as hard as you can. Select the angle and the power of the shot and press the left mouse button.

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play soccer free kicks

Soccer Free Kicks

Great soccer game with a simple task. Score more goal then your opponent! To shoot just select where you want for the ball to go and the power of the shot.

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play street football

Street Football

This game shows you that you should never play football or any other sport on the street where there is traffic.

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play street sesh

Street Sesh

Show your Skateboarding skills in Street Sesh, a free online sports game. Perform tricks to earn points, and try not to fall down and bump into objects to often.

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play ultimate mega hoops 2

Ultimate Mega Hoops 2

So you play basketball, but can you outplay the granny in Ultimate Mega Hoops 2? Score as many points as you can in 10 levels of difficulty.

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play virtual curling

Virtual Curling

The objective in Curling is to get the stones as close as you can to the center of the circle. The winner is the person with the highest score.

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play volleyball island

Volleyball Island

Coneheads are having fun on the Volleyball Island, playing without any rules, trying only to get the ball on the other side of the net.

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