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play 1945


1945 is a flash version of an old airplane game. It is still challenging and hard game that requires really good hand-eye coordination.

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play airport control

Airport Control

Airport Control is an easy flight control game where you need to land the planes on a runway, get new passengers, and get on the runway again for take off.

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play airport madness 3

Airport Madness 3

Control the madness at the airport. Click on a plane to open the menu and follow the in-game instructions.

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play airport madness 4

Airport Madness 4

The airport madness continues with the fourth sequel of the game. Land the airplanes, unload and load new passengers, and take off again.

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play airport madness time-machine

Airport Madness Time Machine

Travel back in time to 1925 - withness and be part of the airport birth. With each successfully completed level you will pass one year and discover new airport upgrades.

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play air show

Air Show

Fly for the pleasure of the spectators of the air show, pass through rings and complete various tasks.

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play air traffic chief

Air Traffic Chief

Navigate the planes without crushing and land them safely on one of the two runways. Watch closely for the presidential plane.

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play air traffic controller

Air Traffic Controller

Guide airplanes on your flight control panel. Adjust their altitude, speed and direction.

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play air transporter

Air Transporter

Complete various missions with your air transporter. Follow the in-game tutorial carefully and enjoy this great helicopter game.

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play bomber at war

Bomber at War

Choose the mission you like to complete with your bomber. Destroy enemy's aircraft - space bar, and bomb the designated area Z. Watch out for turrets!

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play clear skies

Clear Skies

An Air Combat game where you are challenged to finish each mission with different aircraft in order to advance to the next one. Missions can vary from escort, disarming bombs, clearing the skies of enemies and so on.

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play defender of the galaxy

Defender of the Galaxy

An old school space shooter with great graphics and game play. Shoot your way through each stage of the game in the quest to defend the galaxy.

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play dogfight 2

Dogfight 2

Tail enemy airplanes, shoot them down, complete various missions one after another and learn to fly.

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play dogfight the great war

Dogfight: The Great War

Simulate WWII biplane air combat against the computer or a friend in a hot seat.

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play eruption discruption

Eruption Discruption

A volcano has erupted and its up to you to fly through the ash clouds and collect the missing research balloons!

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play f18 hornet

F18 Hornet

Truly one of the best flight simulator flash games online. Fly the F18 Hornet, complete missions, and practice your flying skills.

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play flash flight simulator

Flash Flight Simulator

In this flight simulator game you can choose between Free flight and Missile Evasion mode. Navigate with direction buttons, deploy counter flares with space bar.

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play flight


Toss the paper plane, collect starts to earn cash so you can upgrade your plane. The goal is to get to the finish with as less tosses as possible.

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play helicopter blast

Helicopter Blast

First person helicopter shooting game. Hover over the area and destroy enemy vehicles. Mouse to shoot, space bar to reload.

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play line of fire

Line of Fire

Line of Fire is a air combat game. Fly your airplane and shoot down enemy's aircraft, bomb the boats and complete missions.

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play mario stunt pilot

Mario Stunt Pilot

Get Mario through the hoops and finish all 15 levels of flying fun.

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play marvelous skies

Marvelous Skies

Flying game with a simple goal - avoid other airplanes and fly as far as you can for better score. Arrow keys to navigate.

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play mig 29 mini

Mig 29 Mini

Destroy various enemies with your Mig 29 fighter. Arrow keys to navigate, space bar to shoot.

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play paper planes in paris

Paper Planes in Paris

Toss the paper plane to get it from London to Paris in 40 days maximum. Upgrade after each flight and enjoy this wonderful game.

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play paper planes war

Paper Planes War

Take control of a paper plane in two game modes, full of exciting battles against different enemies!

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play pearl harbor flight simulator

Pearl Harbor Flight Simulator

Flight Simulation game of Pearl Harbor air battle in which you fly an American airplane. The object is to shoot down the enemy aircraft.

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play pilot master

Pilot Master

Cool flight control game. Collect maximum parachutes on your way and avoid other planes.

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play pimp my ship

Pimp My Ship

The object in Pimp my Ship game is to control your Air Balloon, collect power-ups and avoid explosive flying devices and storm clouds.

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play red plane 2

Red Plane 2

Flash remake of the airplane game Red Plane 2. Finish each mission by shooting down enemy aircaft, bombing the boats and eliminate the boss in each stage.

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play rocket rush 2

Rocket Rush 2

Fly with the rocket straight up avoiding any obstacles. Get to the designated spot as fast as you can for extra points.

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play secure the deck

Secure the Deck

Drop all crew members successfully on the boat. They must fall onto designated areas in order to complete the level.

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play sky fire fighter

Sky Fire Fighter

Douse the flames devouring the forest. Scoop water from the lake and drop it on the flames.

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play spitfire 1940

Spitfire 1940

Organize the men and defend Britain. The battle has begun! Outsmart the enemy and win the war.

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play stunt pilot

Stunt Pilot

Complete various tasks by flying through rings with your airplane. Use arrow keys to control the direction of the flight.

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play stunt pilot trainer

Stunt Pilot Trainer

Train to become a stunt pilot without danger to hit the rings. When you feel ready try the sequel where every obstacle is deadly.

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play swine flu

Swine Flu

Herds of swine flu infected swine are heading towards the city, your job is to keep them out of the city, by shooting them down.

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play the paper plane

The Paper Plane

Navigate your paper plane to fly as far as you can. Upgrade after each flight. Arrow keys to navigate.

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play thunderbird survival

Thunderbird Survival

An airplane game where you can test your avoidance skills and reflexes. Move the mouse to avoid incoming missiles and enemies aircraft.

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play tu 46

TU 46

Takeoff with 1970's Tupolev 46 passenger airplane from the airport and safely land it on the next runway.

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play tu 95

TU 95

Fly TU 95 (Tupolev bomber), one of the most successful Soviet bombers. Take of and fly towards the other airport and land it safely.

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play ultimate chopper

Ultimate Chopper

The task in this game is to manage to fly the helicopter avoiding any obstacle on it's way.

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play unending flight

Unending Flight

For how long can you keep on flying without any collision with this futuristic aircraft?

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play varth


Varth is hard flash retro aerial combat remake where you can choose to play single or two player mode.

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