Free Online Driving & Racing Games - Test your skills on wheels

play 3d racing

3D Racing

Select a car and track, win the race to unlock new tracks. 3D Racing is hard-to-navigate game, use arrow keys.

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play coal express 5

Coal Express 5

Deliver the train full of cargo in time to the final destination and manage to keep the required number of items on board.

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play dangerous drifting

Dangerous Drifting

Race against three competitors for the first spot, the only spot that will get you through to the next track.

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play go left and right

Go Left And Right

As the title says, go left and right, easy as that. Point the mouse to the direction where you want for the car to go and click on the left mouse button.

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play heavy racer

Heavy Racer

Choose your monster truck to beat your opponents in this heavy racer monster truck madness.

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play in need of speed

In Need of Speed

As the lady at the tips section says: The best way to drive is by looking at the car. Select the track, collect power-ups, and avoid obstacles.

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play international speed busters

International Speed Busters

As a police officer your job is to pursue the criminals in this high speed chase game. Make the Pit maneuver to stop the targets.

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play parking space

Parking Space

Navigate your car to the parking place without any collision. All four wheels must be inside the square in order to finish the level.

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play park master

Park Master

Park the car at the designated area without wrecking it. Avoid hitting other cars. Arrow keys to navigate.

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play red road rage

Red Road Rage

Use your car as a zombie killing machine acompanied by your team mates Natalia and Ricardo.

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play renegade racing

Renegade Racing

You'll start the race with Mini Morris and as you progress you can buy new and faster vehicles.

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play school bus license

School Bus License

Get your school bus license by completing various tasks.navigate with arrow keys and avoid hitting the borders or buoys.

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play skilled parker

Skilled Parker

In Skilled Parker you need to park the car very precisely on the designated area in order to continue to the next level.

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play stickman mountainboard

Stickman Mountainboard

Drive the stickman through rough terain on your mountainboard. Jump and perform tricks for extra points.

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play tg motocross 3

TG Motocross 3

Exciting motocross game. The objective is to stay on the wheels and finish each stage so you can advance to the next one.

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play turbo spirit

Turbo Spirit

A flash motorbike racing game remake with good control considering that this game is one of the pioneers in the racing games category.

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play uphill rush

Uphill Rush

Choose motorbike, skateboard or quad. Finish the first three cups to unlock monster truck and special cups.

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play valet parking

Valet Parking

Satisfy your customers and park their cars on the designated areas to earn tips and respect.

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