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Play free online Brain games at Boost your IQ with this collection of mind enhancing games divided into well organized categories.
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Logic Games
Play free online Logic games at Many board, cards, pen and paper, strategy, and maze games to play online.
Puzzle Games
Play free online Puzzle games at Many jigsaw, hidden objects, spot the difference, matching, memory and escape puzzle games.
Word Games
Play free online Word games at Solve crosswords, find words, and practice your typing skills.
Sudoku Games
Play free online Sudoku games at Many regular, irregular, unique, diagonal, chain Sudoku games to play online.
Skill Games
Play free online Skill games at Many driving, flying, shooting, sports, and water related skill games to play online.

Social Games
Play free online Social Games at like Family Barn, Triviador and more.
Board Games
Play free online Board Games at Chess, Backgammon, Dominoes, Checkers, Xiangqi, Ming Mang and many other board games.
Card Games
Play free online Card Games at Many types of Solitaire, Patiens, Lady Palk, and other card games that boost your logic skills.
Pen & Paper Games
Play free online Pen & Paper Games at From Tic-Tac-Toe through Hashi to Battleships. New game added every week. Enjoy.
Strategy Games
Play free online Strategy Games at Choose your favorite game to use your logical thinking and build up strategies.
Maze & Pipe Games
Play free online Maze & Pipe Games at Use your logical thinking to successfully get out of every labyrinth or create a pipeline.
Jigsaw Puzzles
Play free online Jigsaw Puzzles at Assemble the pieces of the Jigsaw puzzle to create a complete image.
Hidden Objects Games
Play free online Hidden Object Games at In these games you need to find the hidden objects that are listed on the screen.
Spot the Difference Games
Play free online Spot the Difference Games at The objective in these games is to find the differences between two almost identical images.
Matching Games
Play free online Matching Games at The objective in these games is to match two or more identical items or images.
Memory Games
Play free online Memory Games at The common objective is to memorize the position of an image and find the corresponding one.
Escape Games
Play free online Escape Games at The common objective in these games is to escape from the entrapment by finding clues and solving riddles
Slide Puzzles
Play free online Slide Puzzles at The objective in these games is to slide the pieces of the puzzle in order to create a whole image.
Crossword Puzzles
Play free online Crossword Games at Test your knowledge with this collection of crossword puzzles.
Word Search Games
Play free online Word Search Games at The common objective in these games is to find the words displayed on the screen.
Typing Games
Play free online Typing Games at A collection of games for you to test your typing skills and speed.
Regular Sudoku Games
A collection of Regular Sudoku games.
Irregular Sudoku Games
A collection of Irregular Sudoku games.
Driving Games
Play free online Driving Games at A collection of games where you can select your favorite vehicle and test your driving skills.
Flying Simulation Games
Play free online Flying Games at Choose airplane, helicopter, or any other aircaft to test your flying skills.
Water Games
Play free online Water Games at Choose boat, submarine, or just swim to test your skills and reflexes in water.
Shooting Games
Play free online Shooing Games at A collectiong of games where you can test your aiming skills and nerves.
Sports Games
Play free online Sport Games at Choose your favorite sport to test your reflexes, skills, and knowledge in sports.

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Social Games

Dreamfields is a cute farming game with bears and dragons, and many more fairy creatures.
Family Barn
Play Family Barn and get ready to be the best virtual farmer there is!
Play Fishao, an unusual MMO social fishing game free online at
Use your knowledge of trivia to conquer the world! Your strategic placement is determined as a result of your answers to questions.

Board Games

Arkadium Backgammon
Arkadium Backgammon is a board game with great design and really smooth game play. Instructions on how to play this game can be found on the page. Hav
Play the classic game of Backgammon at Backgammon is a two player board game where you need to collect all points before the other player
Checkers 3000
Play Checkers at The objective in this game is to beat the opponent by eliminating his discs.
Chess Lessons Damming
This application containing a series of challenging chess problems for advance players. Drag pieces to appropriate field to see the reaction of the op
Classic Checkers
Play the classic game of Checkers at Checkers is a two player game and the objective is to eliminate opponent's pieces.
Domino Ace
In this Domino game you play against the computer. Each of you starts with 7 domino tiles, 14 domino tiles are placed into the base.
Don´t Get Mad
Classic Don´t Get Mad game in flash. Manage to park all your pieces before the opponents do. Roll the dice and pray for six.
Easy Chess
The creator of Easy Chess game took the time to develop a game according to his own skills, a Chess game for beginners.
Flash Checkers
The computer in this Checkers game is not-so-smart. However, it is still a challenge to beat it.
Flip It
The objective in Flip It game is to turn all black pieces to the white side so at the end all pieces on the board are white.
Game of a Thousand Stars
Move the starts on the board to match the play screen formation with the target screen formation displayed on the right side.
Interest Renju
Interest Renju is a board game that you can play against your friend on a hot seat. The goal is to line up five stones with the same color.
Knights Traveling
Move the knight continuously on the chess board as many times as you can. The knight can be placed on one exact square only once.
Mills or Nine Men's Morris is a two player strategy board game with main objective to reduce the opponent's pieces to two and win the game.
Ming Mang
Ming Mang is a Tibetan board game that requires planing and strategy to play. The goal is to capture or immobilize the opponent's pieces.
Multiplayer Backgammon
Enjoy this multiplayer game of Backgammon by playing it against players from around the world. Register, log in with your Facebook account or play as
Take turns with the computer in placing the respective color discs on the board.
Smart Chess
A game of Chess suitable for any level of chess skills. In this game you play against the computer that is not stupid.
Xiangqi, also known as Chinese Chess, is a board game for two players very simmilar to the classic game of Chess.

Card Games

Baker's Game
In Baker's Game you get to arrange the cards from the same suit starting from Ace to King.
Black Hole Solitaire
Place one card higher or lower than the card placed on the black hole spot. Two cards can be temporarily moved to the temp slots.
Cards and Diamonds
Make as many combinations as you can by combining three or more identical cards or three or more cards in ascending or discending order.
Carriage Solitaire
The objective is to remove all cards from the table by creating a chain from King to Ace and collecting it.
Crescent Solitaire
In Crescent Solitaire the objective is to move the cards from the sides to the center and pile them up above the kinds and aces.
Discover London
Discover London with this mix of games starting with classic solitaire then continuing to connect 2 and spot the difference game.
Double Freecell
Arrange the cards from two decks from Ace to King and Ace again on the top right free cells.
Double Solitaire
Double Solitaire is an unusual card game where you need to play against the computer and earn more points by arranging the cards applying classic solitaire rules.
ESP Run 2
A simple guessing game where you need to guess the next card value comparing to the currently displayed one.
Golf Card Game 2
Golf Card Game 2 is very versatile and interesting card game. We strongly recommend you read the in-game tutorial before playing. Enjoy.
Graffiti Patience
The objective in this game is to pile up the cards from the top to the bottom by clicking on a card that is subsequent in acending or descending order
Klondike Solitaire
A classic Solitaire card game where you need to arrange the cards from the same suit in ascending order starting from Ace.
Lady Palk
Lady Palk is a solitaire game that will keep you busy for hours. Arrange the cards in descending order regardless of the color and manage to uncover t
Magic House Patience
Magic House Patience is a card game with beautiful desing and graphics. Arrange the cards in descenting order beginning from king.
Miner Solitaire
In Miner Solitaire the goal is to combine two cards of the same suit that are in the same row or column.
Pyramid Solitaire
The objective is to combine two cards that add to 13 and remove them from the pyramid.
A classic card game of Rummy where you are challenged to outsmart the computer program and win the game.
Santa Solitaire
Santa Solitaire is a Klondike type of solitaire with one exception: you can place any card on an empty spot.
Soviet Solitaire
Soviet Solitaire is a card game where the objective is to combine two cards with the same value regardless of the suit.
Sea Tower Solitaire
A solitaire card game similar to Frecell, except in Sea Tower Solitaire you need to build the cards from the same suit in increasing order starting from Ace.
Be fast and place the card in the middle that has same value, one more or one less value then one of the cards in the middle.
Quartets is quite interesting card game where you are challenged to create full set of four cards by asking other computer players for the desired one.

Pen & Paper Games

Bridges is a numerical logic game similar, if not the same, to Hashi. The objective of the game is to connect two islands with bridges.
Calcudoku is yet another great logic game from Conceptis Puzzles. For more details about the game read the in-game tutorial.
Classic Battleships Light Volume 1
Classic battleship game where you can choose the size of the grid. For more details read the rules.
Classic Nurikabe Light Volume 1
Very interesting numerical logic game developed by Conceptis Puzzles. We recommend you read the rules so you get better understanding of the game.
Color Pixel Link
Connect all clues to create colored path between them. You can do that by clicking on a number and connecting it to another nubmer with the same color and value.
Color Pixel Link 2
First sequel of Color Pixel Link game, now with more puzzles to solve and pictures to unravel.
Doodle Draw
Get the idea what you are drawing? If you do, draw it fast! Use stars to get a sneak peak of the sketch.
Easy Way 2
A logic game that can be also played with pen and paper. The objective is to get the black circle to the green circle without exiting the grid.
Fill-a-Pix Light Volume 1
The object is to reveal a hidden picture by painting the squares around each clue. Read the in-game tutorial for more details.
Folds is a unique game where the objective is to fold the paper in a limited number of moves and create the requested shape.
Form one continuous path by connecting bridges between islands depending on their values.
Hashi Light Volume 2
Volume 2 of the logic game Hashi. This game will keep you busy for hours. If you don't know how to play it, read the tutorial.
Hitori Light Volume 1
Hitori is a numerical game with interesting concept. Every number in the square must appear once in a row and column.
Inocreato Tic Tac Toe
Classic game of Tic Tac Toe where you play against the computer with and option to choose easy or hard version.
Kakuro Light Volume 1
Fill all empty squares. The sum of each horizontal block equals the clue on its left. The sum of each vertical block equals the clue on its top.
Click and drag a clue to create a link to the same clue. Read the in-game How to Play tutorial for complete explanation.
Note Match
Draw a line through identical neighboring shapes to eliminate them from the screen.
Occupy Place
Occupy Place is very addicting logic game in which the object is to draw a continous line with a single stroke and fill all the empty squares.
An all time favorite game of Tic-Tac-Toe. Beat the opponent by lining up three identical signs horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.
Tic Tac Toe XD
In Tic Tac Toe XD you can choose to play against a computer program or aginst your friends on a hot seat. In addition you can choose Easy AI or Hard AI.

Strategy Games

Battle Dawn
Battle Dawn is a massive multiplayer strategy game that challenges your skills in diplomacy and tactics. Select your world, build your empire, and enjoy.
Battle Dawn Galaxies
Battle Dawn Galaxies is a free MMORP game in which you challenge other real players in the quest to rule the galaxy.
Battle Gear 5
Battle Gear 5 is a war strategy game. The objective is to destroy the enemy base while at the same time defending your own.
Battle Mechs
Battle Mechs is the single player version of Super Mechs, a multiplayer strategy game created by Tacticsoft.
The object in Bonbombs is to eliminate all items from the screen by clicking on the right place in the right time and create a chain reaction.
Bubble Domination
A great and addicting strategy game which requires speed and tactic. In this game we control the blue bubble. The goal is to conquer all different col
Chat Noir
Very interesting game from GameDesign where the objective is to not let the cat escape the field.
Clan Wars 2: Red Rain
A game of strategy and skill that challenges you to plan your moves carefully in order to destroy enemy armies.
Cray Pots
A game of chance and strategy where you take control of a fishing company, starting of with no money, a boat and five cray pots.
Crystal Lands
Build up the defences to defend the crystal from the alien infestation. Use strategic places to summon defensive structure which shoot at enemies as t
Deep is a strategy-action game. Read the tutorial carefully, beat the opponents and defend your underwater plankton base.
Free the Pharaoh
Slide the sarcophaguses to make a clear path for the red one to exit out of the tomb. Manage to free the Pharaoh in each level to advance to the next one.
Frog Crossing
Help the frog cross the bridge by flipping all tiles face up. Clicking on a tile will flip it along with the neighboring tiles.
Funkin Defense
Defend the Funkin Forest from incoming monsters by building towers on strategic places around the map.
Goodgame Empire
Goodgame Empire is an award winning massive multiplayer strategy game for year of 2012 that needs no special introduction. Build your empire and crush your enemies!
Orbox B
In this game you'll need to use logical thinking in order to solve each level. There are 30 levels where the objective is to exit through the designated spot.
Panda and Bamboo
Panda and Bamboo is very challenging game with an objective to get the starving Panda to the bamboo by selecting the correct path.
Manage to knock all balls except one out of the field by dragging them in a desired direction.
The objective is to remove the red square from the frame by moving other squares around. Three puzzle types are available.
Spartans vs Goblins
In this game you control the Spartans and your goal is to make the Goblins have no more moves.
Play the official free Spectromancer flash version, a game of magic and strategy. Use the four elements decks, corresponding creatures and spells to beat the opponents.
Super Mechs
Challenge your friend's Mech in a fight to the end in this epic Super Mechs multiplayer game. Design and build your mech, plan your strategy, and be victorious.
The Obake Tower
A game that will test your speed as well as your sence for tact. The objective is to climb the tower avoiding the dangers.
The Ploy
The Ploy is a strategy game where you need to think ahead so you remove all items (asteroids) from the grid.
Three Monkeys
Get the three monkeys from the one side of the rope to the other. Click on the dice to determine the number of moves.
Trojan War
Trojan War is an exceptional tower defense strategy game with many levels and great graphics.
Vortex Tower Defense
Place your defences on strategic pints to protect the base and destroy your enemies.
Waggle 2
The objective in Waggle 2 is to eliminate all balls from the screen. To do that you need to jump with a ball over another neighboring one horizontally
Warlight is a multiplayer strategy game. The objective is to conquer the entire map, or conquer enough to force the opponents to surrender.

Maze & Pipe Games

3D Maze
A 3D maze game where the objecive is to get the ball to the appointed place by leaning the board using your mouse.
60 Second Labyrinth
You have 60 seconds to escape each labyrinth by jumping over obstacles, avoiding red gears, and collecting green gears for extra time.
Addicted Labyrinth
Unlike usual maze games Addicted Labyrinth is an ever growing maze where the goal is to stay into it for as long as you can and collect as many points as possible.
Big Maze
Find your way out through this big maze. The game is not timed so you have your entire life to get out. Good luck.
Blobbing Around
The goal is to get through the maze to the X sign by opening the doors and creating a clear path to the final destination.
Connect Gas Line
Connect the gas pipes to fill as many scooters as you can with gas in a limited time. Left click on a pipe to rotate it.
Demon Maze
Only one maze game in which you compete with other players from around the world for the best time.
Dungeon Tactics
Collect as many blue circles as you can in Dungeon Tactics and avoid getting caught by the skeletons.
Dungeon Tactics 2
The sequel continues with Dungeon Tactics 2 where the objective is to collect as many points as you can and avoid the skeletons.
Garden Guardians
Garden Guardians is very interesting and versatile game. Build mazes and defences to prevent the bugs from stealing all the candy.
Manage to get out of each labyrinth by composing a key which unlocks the door to the next level.
Maze of Nerves
I don't know if this game is better to be played on smaller screen or bigger screen. Anyway, you need to finish each level to advance to the next one.
Never End
The goal is to exit each maze by obtaining the key for each door. You must avoid the spikes and find a way to get to each key by rotating the entire maze.
Paper Pipe Twist
Very challenging pipe game with a small chance of losing your nerves. Rotate a set of 4 blocks to ultimately link the water pipes and douse the flames.
Create a pipeline by moving the pipes and the boxes in a limited space. Finish each level to advance to the next one.
Plumber 2
Rotate the pipes by clicking on them. Once you are sure you made a continuos pipeline between the tap and the overflow pipe.
Exit each maze by avoiding colision with either the walls or the moving objects. Have in mind that the cursor movement is reversed.
Simple Color Maze EP1
A simple colored 3D maze game where you need to find the exit of the labyrinth. Use arrow keys, W,A,S,D keys, or the mouse to move.
Straight to the Exit 2
In Straight to the Exit 2 the goal is to get through each stage by collecting keys and points, avoiding obstacles and being caught in a wall.
Super Maze Time Attack
Very hard maze game. What makes it hard is the time (which is runing out), the size of the maze, red crystals that needs to be collected, and the anno
The Brick Maze
The Brick Maze is a retro style game where you need to unlock every part of the maze in order to advance to the next one.
Two Pipes 2
Challenging maze game with an objective to find your way out of each level through the exit pipe.
Virtual Large Maze
Try to exit the virtual large maze as fast as possible. Use direction keys to navigate.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Africa: People
Meet the oldest human inhabitants on our planet - Africans. Assemble 5 pictures of African people and get familiar with part of their history.
In Aurora Jigsaw there are three beautiful aurora pictures to be assembled. You can choose a cut from 2x2 to 12x12 with different cut styles.
Beauty of Syria
Being a home to many nations over the centuries, Syria is rich with old architecture, monuments and most importantly, culture. Solve the puzzles and enjoy It's beauty.
A Buddha themed Jigsaw puzzle where you can choose to assemble three images of Buddha with different cut size and shape.
Buddhist Monks
Get familiar with the Buddhist Monks by assembling 5 different images.
Baby Antelope
Assemble a picture of a baby antelope. Choose from 9, 100 or 144 pieces Jigsaw puzzle, and one of the two game mods: challenge and relaxed mode.
Choose the game mode and number of pieces then combine the pieces to get an image of a barcode.
Beach Dressing Rooms
Make a picture of beach dressing rooms by combining the pieces together. There are three difficulties and two game mods to choose from. Enjoy.
Bunnies!!11one ... a Jigsaw puzzle game where you need to get the pieces together to create a picture of cute bunnies.
Closeup Cat
Solve the Jigsaw puzzle of a cat by getting the pieces of the puzzle together. Choose from 9, 100 or 144 parts and choose your desired mode.
Coffee Time
Enjoy your morning coffee time by assembling this jigsaw puzzle. Choose one out of three difficulties, and one out of two game modes.
Controlled Chaos
Game dedicated to fun and laughter with the ventriloquist Jeff Dunham and his friends Peanut, Walter, Achmed and Bubba J.
Crazy Cats
MEOW! Get together the pictures of three pretty crazy looking cats. Choose your desired cut style and size, and enjoy this jigsaw puzzle.
Cute Babies
Five pictures of cute babies are waiting for you to get them together. A baby face is your reward for assembling the images.
In this game you are challenged to assemble a picture of a dandelion.
Assemble full pictures of one of the most beautiful and intelligent creatures on our planet - Dolphins.
DOTA Artwork
Solve 10 jigsaw puzzles of fans made DOTA images.
Assemble 5 images of Dragons: Gold, Amethyst, Red, Metal, Chinese Dragon. Choose any cut between 2x2 and 12x12 and enjoy this Jigsaw puzzle.
Evening Sky
Combine the parts to create a beautiful picture of an evening sky. Three difficulties, two game mods.
Flash Mob City
Choose your desired cut size and style to assemble three pictures of a flash mob. Select rotating pieces for greater challenge.
Forbidden City
Assemble three pictures of The Forbidden City: The Gate of Divine Might, The Hall of Supreme Harmony, and The Throne in the Hall of Preserving Harmony.
Ford Mustang
Gather the pieces of the puzzle to get a full image of Ford Mustang - The American Muscle.
Get together the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of three beautiful horses: black, brown, and white. Select your desired cut size and shape, and enjoy.
India: People
Meet the wonderful and mystical people of India. Their unique faces and expressions will stay with you for a long time.
Make a full image of the second-highest mountain in the world - K2. Select your desired image, cut size and shape, and enjoy this jigsaw puzzle.
In this jigsaw puzzle you get to choose your desired lotus picture (white, yellow, purple lotus) along with the cut size and shape to assemble a full image.
Mahjong Tiles
Jigsaw game for Mahjong fans. Assemble an image of the Dragon tiles, full Mahjong tile set, and/or image of tiles arranged in the well known turtle formation.
Get together a picture of a cute monkey. Choose one out of three monkey images in addition to the desired cut size and shape.
Solve 10 nature themed Jigsaw puzzles.
Optical Illusions
Mess with your brain while solving 10 optical illusion jigsaw puzzles.
Orange Butterlfy
A Jigsaw puzzle of an orange butterfly with an option to select the number of pieces and the game mode.
Perfect Makeup
Is the makeup artist really an artist? After assembling these photos we can all agree that makeup can definitely be an art form.
Get familiar with the biggest pyramids on our Planet while solving a jigsaw puzzle. Pyramids locations: Egypt, South America, Bosnia, China, and Java.
Red Tree
A Jigsaw puzzle with an image of a beautiful red tree.
Five Rembrandt's paintings are waiting to be assembled: The Night Watch, The rich old man from Parable, The blinding of Samson, The mill, and The return of the Prodigal Son.
Assemble a picture of the master of katana - Samurai. Choose one out of three Samurai images, cut size and shape, and enjoy getting together the picture.
Seal 2
Seal 2 is a puzzle for animal lovers. Make a picture of a gorgeous seal by combining the pieces together. There are two game mods and three difficulty
Get the pieces of the puzzle together to get a full image of skydivers with wingsuits. Choose cut size and shape along with an option to rotate the pieces.
Assemble the Jigsaw of a Snowman by choosing one of three difficulty levels: Easy (9 pieces), Medium (49 pieces), and Hard (81 pieces).
The theme in this Jigsaw puzzle is Spring. Assemble a scrambled Spring picture of Japan, India, or Sweden.
Stealth Bomber
The theme in this jigsaw puzzle is the Stealth Bomber. Choose your desired image and get the pieces together.
Sunny Day
It is a sunny day in the wild, but not completely. The pieces are scattered and needs to be combined together.
Five jigsaw puzzles of a beatuful sunset in the desert, at the mountain, by the sea, above the valley and the lake's shore.
Swimming Geese
Another picture of the wild life to assemble. Oh wait, they are only geese...
Choose anything between 2x2 and 12x12 cut to assemble three pictures of Temples: Luxor, Mayan, and Luhur Temple.
Gather the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle to make a picture of one out of five trees: Oak, Apricot, Bamboo, Palm and Weeping Beech tree.
Make a picture of a watch. There is no image to compare it with which makes this puzzle game interesting.
World Map
In World Map Jigsaw there are three world map images to be assembled. You can choose a cut from 2x2 to 12x12 with different cut styles.
Zen Garden
Assemble a picture of a Zen garden. Choose one out of three images along with desired cut size and shape.

Hidden Object Games

Diamond Hope
The Hope Diamond was stolen and your job is to find it. Search each scene for clues, obtain each object listed on the bottom and find the Hope Diamond.
Dove Finder 7
Find the doves in every picture. Find them fast for better score. Use the magnifying glass if you are suspicious about some detail.
Evelyn Diamantes
Look for hidden items that are on the list in all 3 luxurious rooms. Gather all 10 objects in every picture to finish.
Family Picnic Hidden Objects
Find all the things you need for a summer day. Finish each level to advance to the next one. Choose your difficulty and enjoy this hidden objects game
Focus and Find
Focus and Find is simple hidden objects game. The objective is to find all items that are on the list in every picture.
Forbidden Vampire Romance
The Champion lost his lady to the vampires and will do whatever it takes to get her back. In order to do that he must discover all hidden clues.
Ghost House
Find all creepy objects around the Ghost House to finish each level and advance to the next one. There are 4 levels of hidden objects to find.
Guanarito Virus
As a detective your job is to find the bottle with Guanarito Virus by collecting all the clues needed.
Hidden Numbers Ratatouille
Find all numbers listed in every picture of the animated movie Ratatouille. Only click if you are certain that there is a number, otherwise you'll los
Hidden Objects Jungle 2
Find all listed animals in the picture of a jungle in five minutes. Be careful where you click, otherwise you'll lose 20 seconds of your time.
Hidden World of Adventures 2
In Hidden World of Adventures 2 the objective is to collect all hidden items on a picture in three minutes.
Jane's Guest House
The Smiths are coming over for vacation. Clear the mess in the guest house by finding all objects on the list.
Jenny's Crazy Room
Clear the mess in Jenny's room by finding the items listed on the bottom of the screen. Every level is timed and you'll need to find certain number of
Letters for Veronica
A short romantic hidden objects game with four levels. Find the hidden earings, flowers, chocolate candies, and letters in each level to finish the game.
Lost and Found
Find all lost items in a room of your choice. Don't click if you are not sure that you have the object on the list, otherwise you'll lose time.
Mystery of the Old House
Solve the mistery of the old house by collecting hidden objects. Your goal is to collect the parts of an ancient amulet.
Ocean Pieces
Place the pieces back on the picture. Select and drag a piece on the correct spot.
Old Tavern
Find all objects at the Old Tavern listed on the left side of the screen.
Paradise Romance
The objective in Paradise Romance is to find each object listed on the bottom of the screen. Once you spot an object just left click on it to collect it.
Sea Sand
You are on a mission to collect items from the bottom of the sea. The objects you need to obtain are displayed on the right side of the screen.
Silent Hill Find Numbers
Silent Hill Find Numbers has many levels of game play. Find the hidden numbers on a picture that are listed on the right side of the screen.
The Lake House Case
In this game you take the role of Sharon Pinson, a detective from Oklahoma, to investigate a case of stolen private jewelry at the lake house.
The Smith's Vacation
The Smith's family is going on vacation and needs to pack up. Your job as their helping hand is to assist them in picking up the stuffs for the luggage.
Tortola Island Treasure
Search for treasures on Tortola Island and obtain every object displayed on the bottom of the screen.
Unlock the Mystery 2: The Basketball Diaries
A 10 year old boy named Gabriel is missing from the camp. Your job as a detective is to find all clues that will solve the case.
Vicky's Cleaning Service
Vicky Cleaning Service job is to clean the mess in other houses by finding the hidden objects in every room listed on the bottom of the screen.
Zoo Puzzle
The challenge in Zoo Puzzle is to find the pieces of the picture displayed on the top of the screen.

Spot the Difference Games

Axes of the Dwarves
A game with great design with an objective to find all five differences in all images.
Boxing Fighting Difference
Find what is missing in one of the two images of boxing. There are five differences in each level.
Cake Love
In Cake Love there are many levels to play. Find all five differences in every image. The hint button becomes available after some time.
Christmas Difference
Find all differences in each set of Christmas themed images and enjoy the upcoming holidays.
Dinosaur Goofs
The theme in this spot the difference games are the dinosaurs. The object is to find 5 differences between two almost identical dinosaur images.
Easter Eggs a´la Russe
An Easter themed spot the difference game where you need to find 5 differences between each set of images.
Enchanted Castle
Enchanted Castle is a spot the differences game with beautiful artwork and 40 sets of pictures.
Fearless Warrior
The theme in this spot the difference game is Fearless Warrior. Find the differences in every picture. Use hint when you are stuck.
Find the Difference in Beach
Very challenging game where the objective is to find the differences in beach themed images. You have 2 minutes total to find all differences in each picture.
Free Nation
Free Nation is a spot the difference game dedictaed to the United States of America. Find all 5 differences in every picture.
The theme in this spot the difference game is Halloween. Every picture has five differences, find them all.
Happy Time
Find the five differences in these pictures with great animations. Finish each level in order to advance to the next one.
Immortal is a spot the difference game with great artwork and beautiful to watch. The goal is to find all 5 differences in every picture.
The theme in this game are the fictional heroes. Immortals is with wonderful design and pleasing to the eye. Spot all differences in two almost identi
Magic Ball
The theme of this game is magic. The pictures in Magic Ball are with great quaility and pleasant to watch. Find all differences in each set of picture
Military Units Difference
Find all differences in two images of military units. If you don't want your game to be timed just click the button on the bottom of the screen.
Steel Claw
In Steel Claw there are 40 different set of images with beautiful design. Look where does one picture distincts from the other and click the spot.
Wise Dragon
Spot 5 differences in every set of images. After a while the reveal button lets you uncover one difference.

Matching Games

7 Wonders of the World
Amusing matching game with interesting concept. The object is to match 3 or more neighboring jewels on the marked areas (gray blocks).
Ancient Jewels 2
In Ancient Jewels 2 the goal is to line up 3 or more jewels with the same color to eliminate them from the pile. Create combos to earn extra points.
Around the World in 80 Days
Remember Jules Verne's book Around the World in 80 Days? Good. Now you can revisit Mr.Fogg's advenures in this story telling matching game.
Atlantis Quest
Seek the lost continent of Atlantis by going on as journey through the ancient lands. Line up three identical images to remove them from the board.
Ball Pusher
Push the balls to line up four or more of the same color and remove them from the screen.
Balloon Trizzle
Balloon Trizzle is very challenging matching game where you need to match 3 balloons with same size and color and combine them into one bigger balloon.
Bubble Shooter Christmas
Shoot a bubble from the cannon to match 3 or more identical bubbles and remove them from the screen.
Candy Sparks
In this game the objective is to match 3 or more same colored candies and remove them from the screen.
Caveman Match
Caveman Match is a timed matching game with an interesting concept. Drag a line between 3 or more identical neighboring images to remove them from the screen.
Swap the places of two circus images so you create a vertical or horizontal line of three or more identical ones and remove them from the screen.
Cloth Rotation
Rotate the board using arrow keys to match three or more identical cloth and remove them from the box.
Collinks Remix
Collinks Remix is a 3 in 1 matching game where you can choose to either swap, replace, or shift the blocks to line up 3 or more same colored ones and remove them from the screen.
Color Breaker
In Color Breaker the objective is to pair two blocks with same color to remove them from the screen. Only the blocks that have left or right side free
Connect 4
In this matching game the goal is to connect 4 tokens while playing against the computer or another player in a hot seat.
Diamond Mine
Line up three or more diamonds or pearls to collect them. You have minutes to score as many points as you can.
Diamond Valley 2
Diamons are forever, or at least until you line them up and destroy them completely. Match three identical ones to remove them from the screen.
Digital Upgrade Decoded
A versatile matching game. The object of the game is to match 3 identical creatures and by combining them you get one next level creature.
Free Aliens
Although this game has nothing to do with aliens it is still challenging fast paced matching game. You need to remove two identical squares that are positioned at the end.
Happy Flowers
Match 3 or more flowers with the same color to remove them from the screen. Achieve the quota for the current level to advance to the next one.
Honey Trouble
The bees are lining up to get to the honey. Your job as a bear is to protect the honey by shooting balls and matching three identical ones.
Jeweltasia is a bit unusual matching game where you need to match 3 or more connected and falling identical jewels fast by double clicking a jewel.
Jewel of Atlantis
Swap two jewels to make a column of minimum three identical ones in order to eliminate them from the screen and gain points.
Match to Enjoy
Line up 3 or more same colored flowers to match them and remove them from the grid. Match the flowers on the marked fields in order to advance to the next one.
Move Diamonds
Move diamonds, literally. Just click on one and swap it with another to make a column of three diamons with the same color.
Moon and Star
Moon and Star is a bit different matching game in which the goal is to match 3 or more same color blocks.
Olko is a matching game where the objective is to match two identical images from any end of the pile and finish each level in time.
Boost your observational and cognitive skills while playing Pairz. The objective is to pair two identical geometrical symbols by shape and color.
Puzzle Soccer
Click to shoot the ball and match with two or more other balls with the same color to remove them from the screen.
Rapa Nui
Rapa Nui is a simple matching game with an objective to match 2 or more identical neighboring stones just by left clicking one of them.
Rome Puzzle
The objective in Rome Puzzle is simple. Swap two items so they create a line of three identical ones.
Summer Match
In Summer Match you have 90 seconds to create as many combinations of three or more identical lined up items as possible.
Tiny Fish Factory
In Tiny Fish Factory you need to swap the places of two fish and line up three or more same colored ones in order to remove them from the screen.
In Twins the objective is to connect two balls with the same color to remove them from the screen. Remove all balls to win the game.
Winter Party
Animals are gathering on the glacier for a winter party. It gets more crowded with each move and you need to group 5 or more of the same kind.
X-Match 3
Mach 3 or more lanterns by lining them up horizontally or vertically. You can do that by swapping the places of two neighboring lanterns.

Memory Games

Alien Memory
Find two identical alien faces by uncovering the cards and memorizing the place of an alien face. You have limited time to complete each level.
Anime Girls 4
Memory game with picures of beautiful animated girls. The game is not timed so you can relax and enjoy it.
Anime Match
In Anime Match the objective is to uncover two cards at a time and find two identical ones by memorizing the cards positions.
Avatar the Last Air Bender
In Avatar the Last Air Bender you need to manipulate the elements to defend yourself from all kinds of objects.
Chinese Letters
Get familiar with the Chinese letter, well at least with their shape. Uncover two identical signs to remove them from the screen.
Christmas Memory
The theme in this memory game is Christmas. The objective is to remember the position of the pictures and click on the required items once they dissapear.
Colored Dog
The objective is to uncover and match two dogs with the same color in order to remove them from the screen.
Cubizz Memory
Memorize the position of every element on the screen in 3 seconds. Once asked to point where each element was placed you should click on the correct s
Flowers Memory Match
The objective is to uncover and match two identical flowers in a given time. Complete each level to advance to the subsequent one.
Frankies Memory Challenge
In this game you take turns of uncovering objects with the computer. The design is awful but the game concept is good. Good luck.
Mahee Doka
A memory game demanding your full attention. The objective is to memorize the positions without mines and select the correct positions on the board.
Meme Match
Funny little memory game with funny internet memes. Find two identical memes to remove them from the screen.
Screen Lock Hacker
A game of memory where you need to remember the pattern of the screen lock and repeat it after the computer.
Repeat what Simon, a computer generated program says. Press the buttons in exact same order after Simon is finished with his turn.
Snowflakes Fast Image
Relaxing memory game with images of snowflakes and other ice structures. Find two identical images to remove them from the screen.
Soccer Memory
A memory game for soccer fans. Play alone or with a friend, uncover the shirts and try to remember their positions. Match two of them to score points.
Soccer Memory Tournament
A soccer memory game with some crazy background music. Memorize the position of an image and find the identical one.
Spooky Creatures
Ooo, spooky creatures! Not really. They are cute little devils and you need to uncover them all, match them and eliminate them from the screen.

Escape Games

American Room Escape
An easy room escape game in which the goal is to find all clues and passwords so you can exit the house.
Being One Escape the Lab
You are trapped in a vat. You need to get out of it and escape the lab. Look for clues and connections, use them wisely and examine the objects carefu
Cartoon Room Escape
Find items and solve puzzles in order to escape the Cartoon Room. There is no one near to help you out, so you will need to do it all by yourself.
Christmas Cabin Escape
It's Christmas and you want to go out. But first you need to find the way to do it. Look for clues and manage to open that cabin door.
Christmas Escape
You are locked in your room by your mother until you decorate it properly. Decorate the room and get out. After all, it's Christmas.
Concrete Basement Escape 4
The challenge is to solve all puzzles in order to escape. You will need to obtain hidden diamond, coin, hold and key so you can escape.
Deep Chamber Escape
Not-so-easy escape game with an objective to get out of the deep chamber. Use the items you collect to find your way out.
Escape From Fort - Expanded
The objective in this game is to escape from the fort. To do that you must find unusual places and objects. Solve the puzzles and riddles to escape fr
Escape the Car
In Escape the Car came There is no speial plot. You wake up unavare of what has just happened. All you need to do is escape by using and combiing item
Escape the Crashing Plane
You need to escape the crashing plane descending from 25000 ft by finding all the clues and using all the objects you can find on the plane.
Escape the Haunted Mansion
Escape the Haunted Mansion by finding clues and objects. Once you find something suspicious, click it.Sound is required, good luck.
Forsaken Escape
Grab the map at the beginning of the game and explore the halls. Click any suspicious object and solve riddles in order to escape.
Lavender Room Escape
Escape the lavender room by collecting objects and finding clues. Use the objects on the right places in order to escape.
Office Escape
You forgot how to exit your office. Find all clues and manage to escape the office. Good luck.
Spooky Night Escape
In the middle of the forest on a spooky night your car ran out of gas. Find some gas to escape and go home safely.
The Doors
The Doors is not an easy escape game at all. Find all clues to open all doors and escape.
The Great Basement Escape
Collect objects from every room and use them on the right places to escape from the basement. Observe every detail carefuly for clues.
Tribal Prison Escape
A man went out to the jungle to observe the tribal people and got caught by them. He was thrown in the tribal prison and needs to escape by all means.
Turkey Escape
This turkey does not want to be served on the Thanksgiving dinner table. Beaten up and hungry it goes for the corn, with one trouble though.

Slide Puzzles

Amethyst Slider
Amethyst Slider is not an easy game. Choose 3x3, 4x4 or 5x5 size and manage to get a full image of an amethyst.
Butterfly Slide Puzzle
Assemble the picture of a beautiful butterfly by sliding the pieces of the image in that way that at the end every part is on the right spot.
Cat Slide Puzzle
Get the pieces together so at the end you have a closeup picture of a cute cat.
Diamond Slider
A game for the ones that have a thing for diamons. If you manage to assemble the full picture, the diamond is yours.
Green Mountain Eagle
Slide the pieces of the puzzle so at the end you get a full image of a glorious bald eagle.
Grizzly Bear Slider
RAWR ... it's a bear, in a frame, needs to be assembled and tamed. Three puzzles, 3x3, 4x4 and 5x5. Enjoy.
Image Disorder: Scarlett Johansson
Assemble the disordered picture of the beutiful Scarlett Johansson by swapping two pieces to fit the image. There are three images to arrange.
Leaf Grasshopper
4x4 slide puzzle with a picture of grasshoppers. Click on a part of the image that is near to the empty space to move it.
Lovely Cats
Cats. They are good at bossing around, eating and sleeping. But they are still cute. Get them in once piece.
Number Slider
Number Slider is a 4x4 sliding puzzle where your task is to arrange the numbers 1-15 in ascending order by moving them one at a time into the empty slot.
Oranges Slider
Now this one is nasty. Too many orange balls to arrange. 3x3, 4x4 or 5x5 puzzle, whichever you choose it is still difficult, until you notice the numb
Peacock Slider
Arrange the pieces of the sliding puzzle to get a picure of a peacock. Choose from three difficulty levels.
Slide 15 Fan Babes
Assemble a scrambled picture of beautiful fan babes. Choose your favorite team and enjoy this relaxing game.
Sunflower Slider
You don't have to be bothered with the sunflower. Just look at the numbers and arrange them in order.
Turtles in the Ocean
Arrange the scrambled picture so at the end you get a picture of beautiful sea turtles.
White Swan
Assemble the scrambled picture of a gorgeous white swan by arranging the pieces of the picture in order.

Crossword Games

American History Crossword
Test your knowledge in American history by trying to solve the American History Crossword. Double click the first square to toggle between down and across.
Clueless Crossword
A bit different Crossword game where the only clues are the vowels in each word on the grid.
Crossword Go 1
First game of a series of crosswords. Use arrow keys to select the direction of typing.
Crossword Go 2
Second game of a series of crosswords. Use arrow keys to select the direction of typing.
Crossword Go 3
Third game of a series of crosswords. Use arrow keys to select the direction of typing.
Crossword Go 4
Fourth game of a series of crosswords. Use arrow keys to select the direction of typing.
Crossword Go 5
Fifth game of a series of crosswords. Use arrow keys to select the direction of typing.
Crossword Go 6
Sixth game of a series of crosswords. Use arrow keys to select the direction of typing.
Crossword Go 7
Seventh game of a series of crosswords. Use arrow keys to select the direction of typing.
Crossword Go 8
Eighth game of a series of crosswords. Use arrow keys to select the direction of typing.
Crossword Go 9
Ninth game of a series of crosswords. Use arrow keys to select the direction of typing.
Crossword Go 10
Tenth game of a series of crosswords. Use arrow keys to select the direction of typing.
Illustrated Sports Crossword
The theme of this crossword is sports. There are three sizes to choose from plus a hint for every word.
Online Gaming Crossword
The theme in this large crossword puzzle with hints is online gaming.
Primary Games Crossword
Test your vocabulary skills with this crossword puzzle generator created by With each game you get to solve a unique crossword puzzle.
Rock and Pop Music Crossword
This crossword game will test your knowledge in the music industry. Three crossword puzzles available.

Word Search Games

Arkadium Spellbound
Another great game by Arkadium where you need to create words from the letters displayed on the bottom of the screen.
Bouncing Letters
The objective in Bouncing Letters is to shoot a letter from the cannon towars the pile of letters and create words.
Compound Letters
With three difficulty levels where all board rotates depending on the game mode, Compound Letters puts a twist on the regular word search games.
Eight Letters
A timed word game where the objective is to earn maximum points in each level by creating 3 to 8 letter words.
Flower Word Search
How familiar are you with flowers? Get all flower names in 5 minutes, horizontaly, vertically, diagonally, forwards, or backwards.
Gone Fishing Word Search
You have five minutes to find all fishing related words displayed on the right side of the game screen.
Halloween Word Search
Find all scary Halloween related words in a limited time. You have five minutes to find all the words that are listed.
Hangman Pirate
A classic Hangman game where the victim is a pirate. Save the pirate by guessing the words one letter at a time.
Hero Word Search
Find all the super hero terms in 5 minutes or less. Click on the first letter then draw a line to the last letter of the word. It can be done in every
Letter Scramble
You have 5 minutes to create as many words as possible from the letters scattered across the table, just type in the word and press enter.
Missed Letter
The object in this word game is to find the missing letter in every word displayed on the screen.
Snowboard Word Search
A timed game where you have 5 minutes to find all snowboarding words. Words can be lined up horizontally, vertically, diagonaly, going forwards and ba
Soccer Word Search
A word search game with loads of soccer terms. Draw a line from the first to the last letter to match a word from the list.
The objective is to swap two letters in order to get a full word. There are 10 words each game where you compete for the best score.
Thanksgiving Word Search
The theme of this word game is Thanksgiving. Find all the words listed on the screen by drawing a line from the first letter to the last of the word.
The Word Pyramid
Compose 3 to 9 letter words to form the word pyramid in two minutes.
Word Planet
Word Planet is a word search game where you can choose one out of eight subjects then find the hidden words.
Word Scramble 2
Test your vocabulary in this flash version of Scramble. Arrange the letters to get three, four, or five letter words.
Word Search
The object is to find all the words on the list in order to advance to the next level of difficulty. Words can be marked in every direction.
Words Worth 2
Make as many words as possile in a given time. The longer and more complicated words earn you more points and more time.
Wordsearch Easter
The theme of this game is Easter. Select difficulty and find all the words that are on the list.
Quite challenging word game that will test your knowledge in different subjects.
Xmas Find
Find all words related to Christmas listed on the right side of the screen. The words can be read in all directions.
XT Word Search and Crossword
Rather difficult timed word search game with an option to choose out of 3 languages (English, Spanish, French), and an aditional numerical version.
Zoo Word Search
Do you know the names of the animals that are at the Zoo? Test your knowledge about animals in this word game.

Typing Games

Beaver Trouble Typing
Save the baby beaver with it's mom or dad by jumping from log to log. Type in each log's word to jump on it. You have limited time for each jump.
Balloon Typing
Practice your typing skills by typing the words displayed under the passing balloons.
Bubble Typing
Pop every bubble by typing in the word displayed on it and earn points.
Cup Stacking
Stack and unstack the cups by typing the letters displayed on them. To finish each level you must first stack than unstack all cups.
Dancer Typing
Make the man dance on the podium by typing in the words that are displayed on the bottom of the screen.
Earth Typing Defense
Activate the Earth's laser defenses against the asteroids by typing in the code for each asteroid which is on its way to collide with Earth.
Easter Bunnies Typing
Type in one letter at a time displayed under the floating bunnies to finish each level and advance to the next one.
Fairy Magic
The letters are falling from the sky and you need to remove them by typing in the letters you see on the screen.
Fast Typer 2
You have 30 seconds to type as many words as you can. The list starts with 3 letter words and continues to grow to 4, 5 and so on.
Lion Typing
Can you run from a lion and type at the same time? If you are not fast enough you will be eaten alive. It's good it is just a game.
Fast Typing
Practice your typing skills by typing in the falling words. The game is over when you let a word reach the bottom.
Fruit Swordsman Typing 2
Type in the words you see on each fruit to remove them from the screen and gain points. Don't let any fruit fall down.
Ligntning Typing 3
Exploding mice are here to get you! Type the magic words for their utter destruction and don't let them get close to the pillar.
NFL Typing 2
Kick the ball fast so it dont fall on your site of the football field. You can do that by typing the words displayed on the bottom.
Plant Madness
Plant Madness is a word typing game with many levels of difficulty and very interesting concept.
Rocket Typing
Get the rocket as high as you can by typing the words displayed on the screen as fast as you can. Don't let the rocket fall on the ground.
Sea Typing
Have fun catching some fish while learning to type. The goal is to type in the letters that you see on the fish and don't let them pass freely.
Typing Go Home
The goal in this typing game is to get the stickman home by typing in the displayed word without any mistake.

Regular Sudoku Games

3 Sudoku Puzzles
Three classic Sudoku puzzles with very good graphics. Three difficulties to choose from: easy, medium, and hard.
Classic Sudoku
Play Classic Sudoku puzzle - 3 levels of difficulty plus a custom mode to choose your own random puzzle with a level of difficulty of your choice.
DKM Software Sudoku
Play DKM Software Sudoku - Classic daily Sudoku puzzle game developed by Four difficulties - four daily puzzles!
Fall Time Sudoku
A regular Sudoku game created by Fupa. Fill all empty squares with numbers 1 to 9.
FOG Sudoku
FOG Sudoku is developed by It is a classic Sudoku game with 9x9 grid and 3 difficulties.
Funbrain Sudoku
Play Funbrain Sudoku puzzle - Two levels of difficulty. 1200 Sudoku puzzles to choose from and option to print Sudoku puzzles.
Horror Sudoku
This game can be considered as a Sudoku tutorial. There are 20 consecutive puzzles with different levels of difficulty each containing 16 games.
IFS Sudoku
Play IFS Sudoku puzzle - classic Sudoku game with unlimited number of hints and random puzzle generator.
Japanese Sudoku
Play Japanese Sudoku puzzle. New puzzle generated each time, three difficulties to choose from with relaxing background music.
Nikoli Sudoku
Play Nikoli Sudoku puzzle - Five puzzles to solve. Two easy puzzles, two medium puzzles, and one hard puzzle.
Playzi Sudoku
Play Playzi Sudoku puzzle - Random puzzle generated each game. Couple of hints available for when you are stuck.
Sudoku 13
Play Sudoku 13 puzzle - One classic Sudoku puzzle, 9x9 grid.
Sudoku 32
Play Sudoku 32 puzzle - One classic Sudoku puzzle, 9x9 grid.
Sudoku by
A regular Sudoku game developed by with 3 levels of difficulty and custom puzzle generator each game.
Sudoku Challenge
Finish the Sudoku Challenge by solving four puzzles in time. Each game is timed to 20 minutes.
Sudoku Falls
Play Sudoku Falls - A classic Sudoku puzzle with 9x9 grid and customizable difficulty.
Sudoku Generator
Play Sudoku Generator - A classic Sudoku puzzle with 9x9 grid. Generate new puzzle or switch to solver mode.
Sudoku Hero
Play Sudoku Hero - Fun Sudoku game with many in-game options. Choose the difficulty level and/or time needed to solve the puzzle.
Sudoku Unlimited
Play Sudoku Unlimited, a 9x9 grid, normal difficulty Sudoku puzzle. Each game new puzzle generated.
Sudoku World
Sudoku World is classic Sudoku game. Choose your desired difficulty and solve the puzzle. Submit your score to compete with other players from around
Too Hard Sudoku
Hard Sudoku game for the real fans. Play campaign or play random level. Whichever you choose the challenge is hard.
Well Sudoku
Play Well Sudoku puzzle - Classic Sudoku game with many available type of grids and difficulties.

Unique Sudoku Games

Chain Sudoku Light - Volume 1
Chain Sudoku Light - Volume 1 is yet another great set of chain Sudoku puzzles developed by Conceptis Puzzles.
Doof Sudoku
Play Doof Sudoku puzzle - The challenge is to complete each level in a limited time window. It gets harder as you advance through the game.
Hyper Sudoku
An irregular Sudoku game with additional 3x3 boxes. Fill in the empty squares so the numbers 1 to 9 appear exactly once in each row, column, and each marked 3x3 grid.
Killer Sudoku
An irregular Sudoku game where you need to fill all empty squares so the numbers 1-9 appear once in every column, row, 3x3 and red box.
Mahjong Sudoku
A mix between Sudoku and Mahjong game. Mahjong Sudoku is classic Sudoku puzzle using Mahjong circle tiles instead of numbers.
Math Sudoku
Math Sudoku is a unique Sudoku game that uses equations instead of simple numbers. Difficulty of this game is hard.
Mix Sudoku Light - Volume 1
Mix Sudoku Light - Volume 1 is a set of Sudoku puzzles including classic, diagonal, irregular, odd/even, chain, multy, developed by Conceptis Puzzles.
Mix Sudoku Light - Volume 2
Play Mix Sudoku Light - Volume 2, Sudoku puzzle games developed by Conceptis Puzzles.
Roxdoku 3D Sudoku Time Attack
Play Roxdoku 3D Sudoku Time Attack, an unusual 3D Sudoku timed game. Solve the puzzle in a given time to advance to the subsequent level.
Sinister Sudoku
Play Sinister Sudoku - This puzzle is sinister indeed. After each move whole puzzle changes. Very hard to play.
Sky Samurai Sudoku
Very challenging Sudoku game with an option to choose Regular or Samurai type of puzzle, and many difficulty levels including Custom difficulty.
Sudoku Battle
Play multiplayer Sudoku Battle against the AI or other players. Choose your number and place it in the right square for 100 points. Wrong placement co
Sudoku Game Online
Play Sudoku Game Online - six grid types, three levels of difficulty plus an editor to create your own Sudoku puzzle.
Wordoku is a unique Sudoku game that uses letters instead of numbers with 9x9 grid and two game modes: easy and hard.

Driving Games

3D Racing
Select a car and track, win the race to unlock new tracks. 3D Racing is hard-to-navigate game, use arrow keys.
Coal Express 5
Deliver the train full of cargo in time to the final destination and manage to keep the required number of items on board.
Dangerous Drifting
Race against three competitors for the first spot, the only spot that will get you through to the next track.
Go Left and Right
As the title says, go left and right, easy as that. Point the mouse to the direction where you want for the car to go and click on the left mouse butt
Heavy Racer
Choose your monster truck to beat your opponents in this heavy racer monster truck madness.
In Need of Speed
As the lady at the tips section says: The best way to drive is by looking at the car. Select the track, collect power-ups, and avoid obstacles.
International Speed Busters
As a police officer your job is to pursue the criminals in this high speed chase game. Make the Pit maneuver to stop the targets.
Parking Space
Navigate your car to the parking place without any collision. All four wheels must be inside the square in order to finish the level.
Park Master
Park the car at the designated area without wrecking it. Avoid hitting other cars. Arrow keys to navigate.
Red Road Rage
Use your car as a zombie killing machine acompanied by your team mates Natalia and Ricardo.
Renegade Racing
You'll start the race with Mini Morris and as you progress you can buy new and faster vehicles.
School Bus License
Get your school bus license by completing various tasks.navigate with arrow keys and avoid hitting the borders or buoys.
Skilled Parker
In Skilled Parker you need to park the car very precisely on the designated area in order to continue to the next level.
Stickman Mountainboard
Drive the stickman through rough terain on your mountainboard. Jump and perform tricks for extra points.
TG Motocross 3
Exciting motocross game. The objective is to stay on the wheels and finish each stage so you can advance to the next one.
Turbo Spirit
A flash motorbike racing game remake with good control considering that this game is one of the pioneers in the racing games category.
Uphill Rush
Choose motorbike, skateboard or quad. Finish the first three cups to unlock monster truck and special cups.
Valet Parking
Satisfy your customers and park their cars on the designated areas to earn tips and respect.

Flying Games

1945 is a flash version of an old airplane game. It is still challenging and hard game that requires really good hand-eye coordination.
Airport Control
Airport Control is an easy flight control game where you need to land the planes on a runway, get new passengers, and get on the runway again for take off.
Airport Madness 3
Control the madness at the airport. Click on a plane to open the menu and follow the in-game instructions.
Airport Madness 4
The airport madness continues with the fourth sequel of the game. Land the airplanes, unload and load new passengers, and take off again.
Airport Madness Time Machine
Travel back in time to 1925 - withness and be part of the airport birth. With each successfully completed level you will pass one year and discover new airport upgrades.
Air Show
Fly for the pleasure of the spectators of the air show, pass through rings and complete various tasks.
Air Traffic Chief
Navigate the planes without crushing and land them safely on one of the two runways. Watch closely for the presidential plane.
Air Traffic Controller
Guide airplanes on your flight control panel. Adjust their altitude, speed and direction.
Air Transporter
Complete various missions with your air transporter. Follow the in-game tutorial carefully and enjoy this great helicopter game.
Bomber at War
Choose the mission you like to complete with your bomber. Destroy enemy's aircraft - space bar, and bomb the designated area Z. Watch out for turrets!
Clear Skies
An Air Combat game where you are challenged to finish each mission with different aircraft in order to advance to the next one. Missions can vary from escort, disarming bombs, clearing the skies of enemies and so on.
Defender of the Galaxy
An old school space shooter with great graphics and game play. Shoot your way through each stage of the game in the quest to defend the galaxy.
Dogfight 2
Tail enemy airplanes, shoot them down, complete various missions one after another and learn to fly.
Dogfight: The Great War
Simulate WWII biplane air combat against the computer or a friend in a hot seat.
Eruption Discruption
A volcano has erupted and its up to you to fly through the ash clouds and collect the missing research balloons!
F18 Hornet
Truly one of the best flight simulator flash games online. Fly the F18 Hornet, complete missions, and practice your flying skills.
Flash Flight Simulator
In this flight simulator game you can choose between Free flight and Missile Evasion mode. Navigate with direction buttons, deploy counter flares with
Toss the paper plane, collect starts to earn cash so you can upgrade your plane. The goal is to get to the finish with as less tosses as possible.
Helicopter Blast
First person helicopter shooting game. Hover over the area and destroy enemy vehicles. Mouse to shoot, space bar to reload.
Line of Fire
Line of Fire is a air combat game. Fly your airplane and shoot down enemy's aircraft, bomb the boats and complete missions.
Mario Stunt Pilot
Get Mario through the hoops and finish all 15 levels of flying fun.
Marvelous Skies
Flying game with a simple goal - avoid other airplanes and fly as far as you can for better score. Arrow keys to navigate.
Mig 29 Mini
Destroy various enemies with your Mig 29 fighter. Arrow keys to navigate, space bar to shoot.
Paper Planes in Paris
Toss the paper plane to get it from London to Paris in 40 days maximum. Upgrade after each flight and enjoy this wonderful game.
Paper Planes War
Take control of a paper plane in two game modes, full of exciting battles against different enemies!
Pearl Harbor Flight Simulator
Flight Simulation game of Pearl Harbor air battle in which you fly an American airplane. The object is to shoot down the enemy aircraft.
Pilot Master
Cool flight control game. Collect maximum parachutes on your way and avoid other planes.
Pimp My Ship
The object in Pimp my Ship game is to control your Air Balloon, collect power-ups and avoid explosive flying devices and storm clouds.
Red Plane 2
Flash remake of the airplane game Red Plane 2. Finish each mission by shooting down enemy aircaft, bombing the boats and eliminate the boss in each stage.
Rocket Rush 2
Fly with the rocket straight up avoiding any obstacles. Get to the designated spot as fast as you can for extra points.
Secure the Deck
Drop all crew members successfully on the boat. They must fall onto designated areas in order to complete the level.
Sky Fire Fighter
Douse the flames devouring the forest. Scoop water from the lake and drop it on the flames.
Spitfire 1940
Organize the men and defend Britain. The battle has begun! Outsmart the enemy and win the war.
Stunt Pilot
Complete various tasks by flying through rings with your airplane. Use arrow keys to control the direction of the flight.
Stunt Pilot Trainer
Train to become a stunt pilot without danger to hit the rings. When you feel ready try the sequel where every obstacle is deadly.
Swine Flu
Herds of swine flu infected swine are heading towards the city, your job is to keep them out of the city, by shooting them down.
The Paper Plane
Navigate your paper plane to fly as far as you can. Upgrade after each flight. Arrow keys to navigate.
Thunderbird Survival
An airplane game where you can test your avoidance skills and reflexes. Move the mouse to avoid incoming missiles and enemies aircraft.
TU 46
Takeoff with 1970's Tupolev 46 passenger airplane from the airport and safely land it on the next runway.
TU 95
Fly TU 95 (Tupolev bomber), one of the most successful Soviet bombers. Take of and fly towards the other airport and land it safely.
Ultimate Chopper
The task in this game is to manage to fly the helicopter avoiding any obstacle on it's way.
Unending Flight
For how long can you keep on flying without any collision with this futurictic aircraft?
Varth is hard flash retro aerial combat remake where you can choose to play single or two player mode.

Water Games

Animal Olympics - Diving
Your contestant in these Animal Diving Olympics is a penguin. Get on the platform and choose the jumping direction.
Aqua Lander
Navigate your submarine and save all divers. Land it safely on the platform once the divers are saved. Arrow keys to navigate.
Navigate the submarine through the underwater maze. Get to the end of each level to plug the hole on the bottom of the sea by clicking on it.
Be Water
The destiny of this water drop is not to fall on the ground, but in cocktail. Gather other drops and coins in the glass to pass the level.
Black Navy War 2
A great, classic naval war game hit is back again in grand scale! Defend your base from endless incoming enemy forces.
Crab Love Money
Take turns with the opponent to cut one, two, or three rings and manage to get to the treasure.
Dock It
Dock your cruiser on the right spot. Watch the wind and do not let smaller boats crush into you.
Dock the Boat
Dock the boat on the appointed spot in one minute using the direction keys. One collision is enough to sink.
Dolphin Recue
Rescue the dolphin by dodging the barrels and eating fish. Compete with other players for the longest distance.
Feed Us 5
This is the fifth sequel of the game called Feed Us. A story of a piranha controled by you.
Frog Panic
Frog Panic is a game of reflexes where you need to avoid cannon balls, collect stars and jewels but NOT explosive devices.
In the Seabed
In The Seabed is not an easy game. Pass through water pipes without touching the walls or objects in the way.
Jet Ski
Jet Ski, literally! Avoid the mines and collect the Pepsi!
Miniboat Racers
Choose from two game mods - time trial or championship. Race your boat to the finish line using the arrow keys.
Navy - Expand Your Horizon
To complete each level you must rescue all of the men in the water. Destroy the submarines attacking your ship with your torpedoes.
Park My Boat
The goal of this game is to successfully park your boat on the assigned spot. Try not to rush, go forward slowly.
Park the Boat
Fun game. Park the boat in a given time, earn points and pass the current level.
Rib Challenge
The goal of this game is to complete tasks with your boat. Use the arrow keys to navigate and press the space bar to see new objectives on the map.
River Rush
Show how good you can drive the boat and reach the highest score. Avoid the rocks and islands and collect points.
Sea Assault
In the middle of the sea you are all alone in your boat. Attacked from above and under you have limited amount of missiles use.
Shark Attack
Steer your boat using the wind power and save the men who've fallen overboard from the Great White Shark! Arrow keys to navigate.
Uber Boat
Great navy game! Destroy the submarines by dropping bombs from your war boat on them. Avoid being hit by torpedo or mine.
Jump into the swimming pool on one of the objects floating on the water. Speed changes in time so bit of focus is a must.
War Ship
This is a war Game, where we play against the computer as opponent and try to destroy the ships installed in their territory by bombing each other.
Water Taxi
A fun game to play. Follow the map to pick up the passengers. After you pick them up look again at the map and take them to the highlighted spot.

Shooting Games

Apple Shooter Champ
Adjust the angle and power of the bow to shoot the apple on your girlfriend's head. And please, do not shoot your girlfriend.
Bow Hunter
You are on a deer hunt with a bow. Select single player mode or challenge a friend.
Christmas Defense
Help Santa defend the Christmas Tree from invading Grinch army. Shoot them, upgrade your weapons, and recruit friends like Gingerbread Man to aid you.
Christmas Gift
Help Santa deliver the Christmas gifts through the chimney in time. Use the mouse to adjust the angle and power of the shot, then release to fire up!
Clear Vision
Fun roll playing shooting game. Your are an assassin and your job is to complete the missions presented to you. You can find new job offer at the offi
As a crossbow man your mission is to defend your castle from a Heroes 3 look-alike attacking archers.
Fawn Hunter
You are on a fawn hunt. Aim carefully and press the left mouse button to shoot.
Foxy Sniper Pirate Shootout
As a sniper employed by the navy your job is to complete each task given by the HQ. Read each mission carefully and complete it without any mistake.
Hit the Jackpot
Qualify for the archery tournament by achieving 15th place. Aim at the target using the circle on the top right corner of the screen.
Hit the Jackpot 2 Champ
A sequel of the Hit the Jackpot game. The archery addiction continues. Choose your colors and become the best archer in the world.
Mass Mayhem 2099 A.D.
Another Mass Mayhem taking place in 2099 A.D. with futuristic weapons, mechs, complicated tactics and bunch of mission objectives.
Mort the Sniper
Mort the Sniper is hired to do the dirty job that no one has the stomach for it. Complete missions and eliminate all targets as required by your emplo
Nature Strikes Back
Aim carefully, press the shoot button and watch the masked nature destroyers go out of this world.
Obama Skeet Shooting
In this game President Obama needs to defend The White House from flying clay disks, birds, rockets and what not.
Siege of Troy
As an archer in the siege of Troy your task is to defend the castle walls by all means. Shoot at the enemy attacking the city.
Sift Heads: Cartels
Become a part of a movie like RPG where you take a role of a sift head assassin, destined to end the cartels for good.
Sniper Assassin 3
Avoid civilian casualties and look for suspicious person. Complete missions as you progress through the game. Aim and shoot using the mouse.
Sniper Assassin 4
The story continues with another sequel of Sniper Assassin series. The job, as usual, is to complete missions avoiding civilian casualties.
Tactical Assassin
The challenge in tactical Assassin is to complete each mission without civilian casualties. Aim and shoot using the mouse, and your brain
The Most Wanted Bandito 2
He's back and he's really mad: The Most Wanted Bandito 2 & The Gang. Choose your bandito and break every law known to men!

Sport Games

4x4 Football
In this football game there are four goals instead of two. Your goals are the one on the right and the one on the bottom.
A soccer game where you get to choose your desired cup and favorite team to start the game. The ball is thrown to you from the sides.
Flags Maniac
How well do you know the flags of the world countries? Test your knowlegde as well as your speed in this quiz game.
Football Chain
A fun game where the objective is to hit as many balls as possible and advance to the subsequet level. When each ball explodes it is divided into four
Football Launch
Football Launch is very addicting ball game in which the goal is to shoot the ball as far as you can. Adjust the angle and power and click to shoot.
Football Running Back
Football Running Back is fun American Football game. Avoid obstacles or jump over them, collect power-ups and slide to tackle the opponents.
Football Training
Try to hit the moving target with the ball. Watch the wind and aim carefuly. Left click on the desired spot to shoot.
Free Kick Duel
Adjust the angle and curve of the ball by holding down the left mouse button, then release it to shoot. Free Kick Duel is a great game for your spare
Goalkeeper is simple and very addicting soccer game. The goal is simple, catch the ball but not the bricks.
Goalkeeper Premier Training
Keep the goal safe and don't let the opponents score. Collect three gloves to score a goal.
Go Football
Kick the ball as many times as you can. Bounce it of the glowing wall for extra points. The ball can only fall two times, the third time is game over.
Golden Cup
You are in front of the opponent's goal and players are rushing towards you to get the ball. You have less than a second to decide where to shoot ...
Ice Skating
A simple Ice Skating game with an objective to stay on the track and avoid other skaters.
Instant Football
Instant Football is simple yet addicting soccer game. You control the blue team and have three minutes to win the game.
Jersey Maniac
Do you know the football teams colors ? Guess which shirt belongs to which team. Good luck.
Mini Golf Pro
A simple Mini Golf game where the objective is to complete each hole by adjusting the angle and the power of the shot.
A Mini Golf game where you can choose from Practice mode, World Tour, and Newgrounds Open. Complete all 18 holes in less strikes as possible.
Penalty 10
You have 10 penalty shots. Press and hold the left mouse button, select the power of the shot and the spot on the goal where you want to shoot.
Penalty Challenge
Choose your favorite team and start the penalty shoot-out tournament. Use mouse to control the power and angle of the shot.
Penalty Fever Plus
Choose your favorite team and lead it to victory. Shoot a penalty, then defend the goal.
Penalty Rush
Combine the direction and power of the shot to score a goal. Click the left mouse button when you feel ready.
Pigs on Ice
Finish all figure skating routines in each of the 36 levels. The routine is completed when you collect all gems in each level in a limited time window.
Powershot Reloaded
Choose your guy to hit the ball as hard as you can. Select the angle and the power of the shot and press the left mouse button.
Soccer Free Kicks
Great soccer game with a simple task. Score more goal then your opponent! To shoot just select where you want for the ball to go and the power of the
Street Football
This game shows you that you should never play football or any other sport on the street where there is traffic.
Street Sesh
Show your Skateboarding skills in Street Sesh, a free online sports game. Perform tricks to earn points, and try not to fall down and bump into objects to often.
Ultimate Mega Hoops 2
So you play basketball, but can you outplay the granny in Ultimate Mega Hoops 2? Score as many points as you can in 10 levels of difficulty.
Virtual Curling
The objective in Curling is to get the stones as close as you can to the center of the circle. The winner is the person with the highest score.
Volleyball Island
Coneheads are having fun on the Volleyball Island, playing without any rules, trying only to get the ball on the other side of the net.
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