Free Online Sliding Puzzles - Assemble a scrambled picture by sliding the pieces of a puzzle

play amethyst slider

Amethyst Slider

Amethyst Slider is not an easy game. Choose 3x3, 4x4 or 5x5 size and manage to get a full image of an amethyst.

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play butterfly slide puzzle

Butterfly Slide Puzzle

Assemble the picture of a beautiful butterfly by sliding the pieces of the image in that way that at the end every part is on the right spot.

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play cat slide puzzle

Cat Slide Puzzle

Get the pieces together so at the end you have a closeup picture of a cute cat.

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play diamond slider

Diamond Slider

A game for the ones that have a thing for diamons. If you manage to assemble the full picture, the diamond is yours.

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play green mountain eagle

Green Mountain Eagle

Slide the pieces of the puzzle so at the end you get a full image of a glorious bald eagle.

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play grizzly bear slider

Grizzly Bear Slider

RAWR ... it's a bear, in a frame, needs to be assembled and tamed. Three puzzles, 3x3, 4x4 and 5x5. Enjoy.

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play image disorder scarlett johansson

Image Disorder: Scarlett Johansson

Assemble the disordered picture of the beutiful Scarlett Johansson by swapping two pieces to fit the image. There are three images to arrange.

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play leaf grasshopper

Leaf Grasshopper

4x4 slide puzzle with a picture of grasshoppers. Click on a part of the image that is near to the empty space to move it.

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play lovely cats

Lovely Cats

Cats. They are good at bossing around, eating and sleeping. But they are still cute. Get them in once piece.

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play number slider

Number Slider

Number Slider is a 4x4 sliding puzzle where your task is to arrange the numbers 1-15 in ascending order by moving them one at a time into the empty slot.

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play oranges slider

Oranges Slider

Now this one is nasty. Too many orange balls to arrange. 3x3, 4x4 or 5x5 puzzle, whichever you choose it is still difficult, until you notice the numbers.

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play peacock slider

Peacock Slider

Arrange the pieces of the sliding puzzle to get a picure of a peacock. Choose from three difficulty levels.

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play slide 15 fan babes

Slide 15 Fan Babes

Assemble a scrambled picture of beautiful fan babes. Choose your favorite team and enjoy this relaxing game.

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play sunflower slider

Sunflower Slider

You don't have to be bothered with the sunflower. Just look at the numbers and arrange them in order.

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play turtles in the ocean

Turtles in the Ocean

Arrange the scrambled picture so at the end you get a picture of beautiful sea turtles.

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play white swan

White Swan

Assemble the scrambled picture of a gorgeous white swan by arranging the pieces of the picture in order.

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