Free Online Memory Games to test your ability to memorize images and forms

play alien memory game

Alien Memory Game

Find two identical alien faces by uncovering the cards and memorizing the place of an alien face. You have limited time to complete each level.

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play anime girls 4

Anime Girls 4

Memory game with picures of beautiful animated girls. The game is not timed so you can relax and enjoy it.

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play anime match

Anime Match

In Anime Match the objective is to uncover two cards at a time and find two identical ones by memorizing the cards positions.

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play avatar the last air bender

Avatar the Last Air Bender

In Avatar the Last Air Bender you need to manipulate the elements to defend yourself from all kinds of objects.

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play chinese letters

Chinese Letters

Get familiar with the Chinese letter, well at least with their shape. Uncover two identical signs to remove them from the screen.

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play christmas memory

Christmas Memory

The theme in this memory game is Christmas. The objective is to remember the position of the pictures and click on the required items once they dissapear.

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play colored dog

Colored Dog

The objective is to uncover and match two dogs with the same color in order to remove them from the screen.

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play cubizz memory

Cubizz Memory

Memorize the position of every element on the screen in 3 seconds. Once asked to point where each element was placed you should click on the correct spot.

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play flowers memory match

Flowers Memory Match

The objective is to uncover and match two identical flowers in a given time. Complete each level to advance to the subsequent one.

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play frankies memory challenge

Frankies Memory Challenge

In this game you take turns of uncovering objects with the computer. The design is awful but the game concept is good. Good luck.

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play mahee doka

Mahee Doka

A memory game demanding your full attention. The objective is to memorize the positions without mines and select the correct positions on the board.

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play meme match

Meme Match

Funny little memory game with funny internet memes. Find two identical memes to remove them from the screen.

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play screen lock hacker

Screen Lock Hacker

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A game of memory where you need to remember the pattern of the screen lock and repeat it after the computer.

play simon


Repeat what Simon, a computer generated program says. Press the buttons in exact same order after Simon is finished with his turn.

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play snowflakes fast image

Snowflakes Fast Image

Relaxing memory game with images of snowflakes and other ice structures. Find two identical images to remove them from the screen.

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play soccer memory

Soccer Memory

A memory game for soccer fans. Play alone or with a friend, uncover the shirts and try to remember their positions. Match two of them to score points.

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play soccer memory tournament

Soccer Memory Tournament

A soccer memory game with some crazy background music. Memorize the position of an image and find the identical one.

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play spooky creatures

Spooky Creatures

Ooo, spooky creatures! Not really. They are cute little devils and you need to uncover them all, match them and eliminate them from the screen.

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