Free Online Jigsaw Puzzles from 4 to 144 pieces with cut sizes ranging from 2x2 to 12x12

play africa people jigsaw

Africa: People Jigsaw

Meet the oldest human inhabitants on our planet - Africans. Assemble 5 pictures of African people and get familiar with part of their history.

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play aurora jigsaw

Aurora Jigsaw

There are three beautiful aurora pictures to be assembled.

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play beauty of syria jigsaw

Beauty of Syria Jigsaw

Being a home to many nations over the centuries, Syria is rich with old architecture, monuments and most importantly, culture. Solve the puzzles and enjoy It's beauty.

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play buddha jigsaw

Buddha Jigsaw

A Buddha themed puzzle where you can choose to assemble three images of Buddha with different cut size and shape.

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play buddhist monks jigsaw

Buddhist Monks Jigsaw

Get familiar with the Buddhist Monks by assembling 5 different images.

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play controlled chaos jigsaw

Controlled Chaos Jigsaw

Game dedicated to fun and laughter with the ventriloquist Jeff Dunham and his friends Peanut, Walter, Achmed and Bubba J.

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play crazy cats jigsaw

Crazy Cats Jigsaw

MEOW! Get together the pictures of three pretty crazy looking cats.

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play cute babies jigsaw

Cute Babies Jigsaw

Five pictures of cute babies are waiting for you to get them together. A baby face is your reward for assembling the images.

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play dolphins jigsaw

Dolphins Jigsaw

Assemble full pictures of one of the most beautiful and intelligent creatures on our planet - Dolphins.

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play dota artwork jigsaw

DOTA Artwork Jigsaw

Solve 10 jigsaw puzzles of fans made DOTA images.

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play dragon jigsaw

Dragon Jigsaw

Assemble 5 images of Dragons: Gold, Amethyst, Red, Metal, Chinese Dragon.

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play flash mob jigsaw

Flash Mob Jigsaw

Choose your desired cut size and style to assemble three pictures of a flash mob. Select rotating pieces for greater challenge.

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play forbidden city jigsaw

Forbidden City Jigsaw

Assemble three pictures of The Forbidden City: The Gate of Divine Might, The Hall of Supreme Harmony, and The Throne in the Hall of Preserving Harmony.

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play ford mustang jigsaw

Ford Mustang Jigsaw

Gather the pieces of the puzzle to get a full image of Ford Mustang - The American Muscle.

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play horse jigsaw

Horse Jigsaw

Get together the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of three beautiful horses: black, brown, and white. Select your desired cut size and shape, and enjoy.

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play india people jigsaw

India: People Jigsaw

Meet the wonderful and mystical people of India. Their unique faces and expressions will stay with you for a long time.

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play k2 jigsaw

K2 Jigsaw

Make a full image of the second-highest mountain in the world - K2.

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play lotus jigsaw

Lotus Jigsaw

Choose your desired lotus picture: white, yellow, purple lotus.

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play mahjong tiles jigsaw

Mahjong Tiles Jigsaw

Jigsaw game for Mahjong fans. Assemble an image of the Dragon tiles, full Mahjong tile set, and/or image of tiles arranged in the well known turtle formation.

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play monkey jigsaw

Monkey Jigsaw

Get together a picture of a cute monkey. Choose one out of three monkey images in addition to the desired cut size and shape.

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play nature jigsaw

Nature Jigsaw

Solve 10 nature themed Jigsaw puzzles.

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play optical illusions jigsaw

Optical Illusions Jigsaw

Mess with your brain while solving 10 optical illusion jigsaw puzzles.

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play perfect makeup jigsaw

Perfect Makeup Jigsaw

Is the makeup artist really an artist? After assembling these photos we can all agree that makeup can definitely be an art form.

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play pyramid jigsaw

Pyramid Jigsaw

Get familiar with the biggest pyramids on our Planet while solving a jigsaw puzzle. Pyramids locations: Egypt, South America (Mayans), Bosnia, China, and Java.

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play rembrandt jigsaw

Rembrandt Jigsaw

Five Rembrandt's paintings are waiting to be assembled: The Night Watch, The rich old man from Parable, The blinding of Samson, The mill, and The return of the Prodigal Son.

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play samurai jigsaw

Samurai Jigsaw

Assemble a picture of the master of katana - Samurai. Choose one out of three Samurai images, cut size and shape, and enjoy getting together the image.

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play skydive Jigsaw

Skydive Jigsaw

Get the pieces of the puzzle together to get a full image of skydivers with wingsuits.

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play spring jigsaw

Spring Jigsaw

The theme in this Jigsaw puzzle is Spring. Assemble a scrambled Spring picture of Japan, India, or Sweden.

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play stealth bomber

Stealth Bomber Jigsaw

The theme in this puzzle is the Stealth Bomber.

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play sunset jigsaw

Sunset Jigsaw

Five jigsaw puzzles of a beatuful sunset in the desert, at the mountain, by the sea, above the valley and the lake's shore.

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play temple jigsaw

Temple Jigsaw

Luxor, Mayan, and Luhur Temple.

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play tree jigsaw

Tree Jigsaw

Get full picture of one out of five trees: Oak, Apricot, Bamboo, Palm and Weeping Beech tree.

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play world map jigsaw

World Map Jigsaw

In World Map Jigsaw there are three world map images to be assembled.

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play zen garden jigsaw

Zen Garden Jigsaw

Assemble a picture of a Zen garden. Choose one out of three images along with desired cut size and shape.

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play baby antelope jigsaw

Baby Antelope Jigsaw

Assemble a picture of a baby antelope. Choose from 9, 100 or 144 pieces Jigsaw puzzle, and one of the two game mods: challenge and relaxed mode.

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play barcode jigsaw

Barcode Jigsaw

Choose the game mode and number of pieces then combine the pieces to get an image of a barcode.

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play beach dressing rooms jigsaw

Beach Dressing Rooms Jigsaw

Make a picture of beach dressing rooms by combining the pieces together. There are three difficulties and two game mods to choose from. Enjoy.

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play bunnies jigsaw

Bunnies Jigsaw

Bunnies!!11one ... a Jigsaw puzzle game where you need to get the pieces together to create a picture of cute bunnies.

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play closeup cat jigsaw

Closeup Cat Jigsaw

Solve the Jigsaw puzzle of a cat by getting the pieces of the puzzle together. Choose from 9, 100 or 144 parts and choose your desired mode.

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play coffee time jigsaw

Coffee Time Jigsaw

Enjoy your morning coffee time by assembling this jigsaw puzzle. Choose one out of three difficulties, and one out of two game modes.

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play dandelion jigsaw

Dandelion Jigsaw

In this game you are challenged to assemble a picture of a dandelion.

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play evening sky jigsaw

Evening Sky Jigsaw

Combine the parts to create a beautiful picture of an evening sky. Three difficulties, two game modes.

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play orange butterfly jigsaw

Orange Butterfly Jigsaw

Jigsaw puzzle of an orange butterfly with an option to select the number of pieces and the game mode.

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play red tree jigsaw

Red Tree Jigsaw

A Jigsaw puzzle with an image of a beautiful red tree.

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play seal 2 jigsaw

Seal 2 Jigsaw

Seal 2 is a puzzle for animal lovers. Make a picture of a gorgeous seal by combining the pieces together. There are two game mods and three difficulty levels.

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play snowman jigsaw

Snowman Jigsaw

Winter is (not) coming - Snowman is ready.

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play sunny day jigsaw

Sunny Day Jigsaw

It is a sunny day in the wild, but not completely.

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play swimming geese jigsaw

Swimming Geese Jigsaw

Another picture of the wild life to assemble. Oh wait, they are only geese...

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play watch jigsaw

Watch Jigsaw

Make a picture of a watch. There is no image to compare it with which makes this game interesting.

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