Free Online Hidden Object Games with a common objective to find the hidden objects in each game

play diamond hope

Diamond Hope

The Hope Diamond was stolen and your job is to find it. Search each scene for clues, obtain each object listed on the bottom and find the Hope Diamond.

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play dove finder 7

Dove Finder 7

Find the doves in every picture. Find them fast for better score. Use the magnifying glass if you are suspicious about some detail.

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play evelyn diamantes

Evelyn Diamantes

Look for hidden items that are on the list in all 3 luxurious rooms. Gather all 10 objects in every picture to finish.

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play family picnic hidden objects

Family Picnic Hidden Objects

Find all the things you need for a summer day. Finish each level to advance to the next one. Choose your difficulty and enjoy this hidden objects game.

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play focus and find

Focus and Find

Focus and Find is simple hidden objects game. The objective is to find all items that are on the list in every picture.

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play forbidden vampire romance

Forbidden Vampire Romance

The Champion lost his lady to the vampires and will do whatever it takes to get her back. In order to do that he must discover all hidden clues.

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play ghost house

Ghost House

Find all creepy objects around the Ghost House to finish each level and advance to the next one. There are 4 levels of hidden objects to find.

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play guanarito virus

Guanarito Virus

As a detective your job is to find the bottle with Guanarito Virus by collecting all the clues needed.

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play hidden numbers ratatouille

Hidden Numbers Ratatouille

Find all numbers listed in every picture of the animated movie Ratatouille. Only click if you are certain that there is a number, otherwise you'll lose points.

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play hidden objects jungle 2

Hidden Objects Jungle 2

Find all listed animals in the picture of a jungle in five minutes. Be careful where you click, otherwise you'll lose 20 seconds of your time.

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play hidden world of adventures 2

Hidden World of Adventures 2

In Hidden World of Adventures 2 the objective is to collect all hidden items on a picture in three minutes.

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play janes guest house

Jane's Guest House

The Smiths are coming over for vacation. Clear the mess in the guest house by finding all objects on the list.

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play jennys crazy room

Jenny's Crazy Room

Clear the mess in Jenny's room by finding the items listed on the bottom of the screen. Every level is timed and you'll need to find certain number of objects.

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play letters for veronica

Letters for Veronica

A short romantic hidden objects game with four levels. Find the hidden earings, flowers, chocolate candies, and letters in each level to finish the game.

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play lost and found

Lost and Found

Find all lost items in a room of your choice. Don't click if you are not sure that you have the object on the list, otherwise you'll lose time.

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play mystery of the old house

Mystery of the Old House

Solve the mistery of the old house by collecting hidden objects. Your goal is to collect the parts of an ancient amulet.

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play ocean pieces

Ocean Pieces

Place the pieces back on the picture. Select and drag a piece on the correct spot.

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play old tavern

Old Tavern

Find all objects at the Old Tavern listed on the left side of the screen.

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play paradise romance

Paradise Romance

The objective in Paradise Romance is to find each object listed on the bottom of the screen. Once you spot an object just left click on it to collect it.

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play sea sand

Sea Sand

You are on a mission to collect items from the bottom of the sea. The objects you need to obtain are displayed on the right side of the screen.

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play silent hill find numbers

Silent Hill Find Numbers

Silent Hill Find Numbers has many levels of game play. Find the hidden numbers on a picture that are listed on the right side of the screen.

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play the lake house case

The Lake House Case

In this game you take the role of Sharon Pinson, a detective from Oklahoma, to investigate a case of stolen private jewelry at the lake house.

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play the smiths vacation

The Smiths Vacation

The Smith's family is going on vacation and needs to pack up. Your job as their helping hand is to assist them in picking up the stuffs for the luggage.

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play tortola island treasure

Tortola Island Treasure

Search for treasures on Tortola Island and obtain every object displayed on the bottom of the screen.

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play unlock the mystery 2: the basketball diaries

Unlock the Mystery 2: The Basketball Diaries

A 10 year old boy named Gabriel is missing from the camp. Your job as a detective is to find all clues that will solve the case.

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play vickys cleaning service

Vicky's Cleaning Service

Vicky's Cleaning Service job is to clean the mess in other houses by finding the hidden objects in every room listed on the bottom of the screen.

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play zoo puzzle

Zoo Puzzle

The challenge in Zoo Puzzle is to find the pieces of the picture displayed on the top of the screen.

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