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play american room escape

American Room Escape

An easy room escape game in which the goal is to find all clues and passwords so you can exit the house.

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play being one escape the lab

Being One Escape the Lab

You are trapped in a vat. You need to get out of it and escape the lab. Look for clues and connections, use them wisely and examine the objects carefully in order to escape.

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play cartoon room escape

Cartoon Room Escape

Find items and solve puzzles in order to escape the Cartoon Room. There is no one near to help you out, so you will need to do it all by yourself.

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play christmas cabin escape

Christmas Cabin Escape

It's Christmas and you want to go out. But first you need to find the way to do it. Look for clues and manage to open that cabin door.

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play christmas escape

Christmas Escape

You are locked in your room by your mother until you decorate it properly. Decorate the room and get out. After all, it's Christmas.

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play concrete basement escape 4

Concrete Basement Escape 4

The challenge is to solve all puzzles in order to escape. You will need to obtain hidden diamond, coin, hold and key so you can escape.

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play deep chamber escape

Deep Chamber Escape

Not-so-easy escape game with an objective to get out of the deep chamber. Use the items you collect to find your way out.

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play escape from fort expanded

Escape From Fort - Expanded

The objective in this game is to escape from the fort. To do that you must find unusual places and objects. Solve the puzzles and riddles to escape from the fort.

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play escape the car

Escape the Car

In Escape the Car game There is no speial plot. You wake up unavare of what has just happened. All you need to do is escape by using and combiing items.

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play escape the crashing plane

Escape the Crashing Plane

You need to escape the crashing plane descending from 25000 ft by finding all the clues and using all the objects you can find on the plane.

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play escape the haunted mansion

Escape the Haunted Mansion

Escape the Haunted Mansion by finding clues and objects. Once you find something suspicious, click it. Sound is required, good luck.

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play forsaken escape

Forsaken Escape

Grab the map at the beginning of the game and explore the halls. Click any suspicious object and solve riddles in order to escape.

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play lavender room escape

Lavender Room Escape

Escape the lavender room by collecting objects and finding clues. Use the objects on the right places in order to escape.

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play office escape

Office Escape

You forgot how to exit your office. Find all clues and manage to escape the office. Good luck.

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play spooky night escape

Spooky Night Escape

In the middle of the forest on a spooky night your car ran out of gas. Find some gas to escape and go home safely.

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play the doors

The Doors

The Doors is not an easy escape game at all. Find all clues to open all doors and escape.

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play the great basement escape

The Great Basement Escape

Collect objects from every room and use them on the right places to escape from the basement. Observe every detail carefuly for clues.

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play tribal prison escape

Tribal Prison Escape

A man went out to the jungle to observe the tribal people and got caught by them. He was thrown in the tribal prison and needs to escape by all means.

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play turkey escape

Turkey Escape

This turkey does not want to be served on the Thanksgiving dinner table. Beaten up and hungry it goes for the corn, with one trouble though.

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