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play jigsaw puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzle games with 2x2 to 12x12 cut size or 4 to 144 pieces. Assemble the pieces to create a complete image.

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play hidden object games

Hidden Object Games

In these games you need to find the hidden objects that are listed on the screen.

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play spot the difference games

Spot the Difference Games

Find the differences between two almost identical images.

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play matching games

Matching Games

The objective in these games is to match two or more identical items or images.

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play memory games

Memory Games

Memorize the position of an image and find the corresponding one.

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play escape games

Escape Games

The common objective in these games is to escape from the entrapment by finding clues and solving riddles.

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play sliding puzzles

Sliding Puzzles

Slide the pieces of the puzzle in order to create a full image.

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New Puzzle Games

play optical illusions jigsaw

Optical Illusions Jigsaw

Mess with your brain while solving 10 optical illusion jigsaw puzzles.

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play happy flowers

Happy Flowers

Match 3 or more flowers with the same color to remove them from the screen. Achieve the quota for the current level to advance to the next one.

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play dota artwork jigsaw

DOTA Artwork Jigsaw

Solve 10 jigsaw puzzles of fans made DOTA images.

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The Chosen Ones

play dragon jigsaw

Dragon Jigsaw

Assemble 5 images of Dragons: Gold, Amethyst, Red, Metal, Chinese Dragon.

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play guanarito virus

Guanarito Virus

As a detective your job is to find the bottle with Guanarito Virus by collecting all the clues needed.

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play immortal


Immortal is a game with great artwork and beautiful to watch. The goal is to find all 5 differences in every picture.

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play ancient jewels 2

Ancient Jewels 2

Line up 3 or more jewels with the same color to eliminate them from the pile. Destroy all red blocks to finish the level and create combos to earn extra points.

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play anime girls 4

Anime Girls 4

Memory game with picures of beautiful animated girls. The game is not timed so you can relax and enjoy it.

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play escape the car

Escape the Car

In Escape the Car game There is no speial plot. You wake up unavare of what has just happened. All you need to do is escape by using and combiing items.

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play slide 15 fan babes

Slide 15 Fan Babes

Assemble a scrambled picture of beautiful fan babes. Choose your favorite team and enjoy this relaxing game.

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play being one escape the lab

Being One Escape the Lab

You are trapped in a vat. You need to get out of it and escape the lab. Look for clues and connections, use them wisely and examine the objects carefully in order to escape.

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play k2 jigsaw

K2 Jigsaw

Make a full image of the second-highest mountain in the world - K2.

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