Free Online Strategy & Role Playing Games - Use logical thinking and strategic planning to overcome the opponents

play battle dawn

Battle Dawn

Battle Dawn is a massive multiplayer strategy game that challenges your skills in diplomacy and tactics. Select your world, build your empire, and enjoy.

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play battle dawn galaxies

Battle Dawn Galaxies

Battle Dawn Galaxies is a free MMORP game in which you challenge other real players in the quest to rule the galaxy.

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play battle mechs

Battle Mechs

Battle Mechs is the single player version of Super Mechs, a multiplayer strategy game created by Tacticsoft.

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play battle gear 5

Battle Gear 5

Battle Gear 5 is a war strategy game. The objective is to destroy the enemy base while at the same time defending your own.

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play bonbombs


The object is to eliminate all items from the screen by clicking on the right place in the right time and create a chain reaction.

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play bubble domination

Bubble Domination

A great and addicting strategy game which requires speed and tactic. In this game we control the blue bubble. The goal is to conquer all different color bubbles.

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play chat noir

Chat Noir

Very interesting game from GameDesign where the objective is to not let the cat escape the field.

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play clan wars 2 red rain

Clan Wars 2: Red Rain

A game of strategy and skill that challenges you to plan your moves carefully in order to destroy enemy armies.

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play cray pots

Cray Pots

A game of chance and strategy where you take control of a fishing company, starting of with no money, a boat and five cray pots.

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play crystal lands

Crystal Lands

Build up the defences to defend the crystal from the alien infestation. Use strategic places to summon defensive structure which shoot at enemies as they pass.

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play deep


Deep is a strategy-action game. Read the tutorial carefully, beat the opponents and defend your underwater plankton base.

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play free the pharaoh

Free the Pharaoh

Slide the sarcophaguses to make a clear path for the red one to exit out of the tomb. Manage to free the Pharaoh in each level to advance to the next one.

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play frog crossing

Frog Crossing

Help the frog cross the bridge by flipping all tiles face up. Clicking on a tile will flip it along with the neighboring tiles.

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play funkin defense

Funkin Defense

Defend the Funkin Forest from incoming monsters by building towers on strategic places around the map.

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play goodgame empire

Goodgame Empire

Goodgame Empire is an award winning massive multiplayer strategy game for year of 2012 that needs no special introduction. Build your empire and crush your enemies!

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play orbox b

Orbox B

In this game you'll need to use logical thinking in order to solve each level. There are 30 levels where the objective is to exit through the designated spot.

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play panda and bamboo

Panda and Bamboo

Panda and Bamboo is very challenging game with an objective to get the starving Panda to the bamboo by selecting the correct path.

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play shot


Manage to knock all balls except one out of the field by dragging them in a desired direction.

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play slider


The objective is to remove the red square from the frame by moving other squares around. Three puzzle types are available.

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play spartans vs goblins

Spartans Vs Goblins

In this game you control the Spartans and your goal is to make the Goblins have no more moves.

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play spectromancer


Play the official free Spectromancer flash version, a game of magic and strategy. Use the four elements decks, corresponding creatures and spells to beat the opponents.

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play super mechs

Super Mechs

Challenge your friend's Mech in a fight to the end in this epic Super Mechs multiplayer game. Design and build your mech, plan your strategy, and be victorious.

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play the obake tower

The Obake Tower

A game that will test your speed as well as your sence for tact. The objective is to climb the tower avoiding the dangers.

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play the ploy

The Ploy

The Ploy is a strategy game where you need to think ahead so you remove all items (asteroids) from the grid.

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play three monkeys

Three Monkeys

Get the three monkeys from the one side of the rope to the other. Click on the dice to determine the number of moves.

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play trojan war

Trojan War

Trojan War is an exceptional tower defense strategy game with many levels and great graphics.

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play vortex tower defense

Vortex Tower Defense

Place your defences on strategic pints to protect the base and destroy your enemies.

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play waggle 2

Waggle 2

The objective in Waggle 2 is to eliminate all balls from the screen. To do that you need to jump with a ball over another neighboring one horizontally or vertically.

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play warlight


Warlight is a multiplayer strategy game that can be played between 2 and 24 players. The objective is to conquer the entire map, or conquer enough to force the opponents to surrender.

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