Free Online Maze & Pipe Games - Exit each labyrinth successfully or create a continuous pipeline

play 3d maze

3D Maze

A 3D maze game where the objective is to get the ball to the appointed place by leaning the board using your mouse.

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play 60 second labyrinth

60 Second Labyrinth

You have 60 seconds to escape each labyrinth by jumping over obstacles, avoiding red gears, and collecting green gears for extra time.

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play addicted labyrinth

Addicted Labyrinth

Unlike usual maze games Addicted Labyrinth is an ever growing maze where the goal is to stay into it for as long as you can and collect as many points as possible.

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play big maze

Big Maze

Find your way out through this big maze. The game is not timed so you have your entire life to get out. Good luck.

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play blobbing around

Blobbing Around

The goal is to get through the maze to the X sign by opening the doors and creating a clear path to the final destination.

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play connect gas line

Connect Gas Line

Connect the gas pipes to fill as many scooters as you can with gas in a limited time. Left click on a pipe to rotate it.

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play demon maze

Demon Maze

Only one maze game in which you compete with other players from around the world for the best time. And no, there is no spooky creature at the end, so relax and enjoy.

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play dungeon tactics

Dungeon Tactics

Collect as many blue circles as you can in Dungeon Tactics and avoid getting caught by the skeletons.

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play dungeon tactics 2

Dungeon Tactics 2

The sequel continues with Dungeon Tactics 2 where the objective is to collect as many points as you can and avoid the skeletons.

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play garden guardians

Garden Guardians

Garden Guardians is very interesting and versatile game. Build mazes and defences to prevent the bugs from stealing all the candy.

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play labirink


Manage to get out of each labyrinth by composing a key which unlocks the door to the next level.

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play maze of nerves

Maze of Nerves

I don't know if this game is better to be played on smaller screen or bigger screen. Anyway, you need to finish each level to advance to the next one.

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play never end

Never End

The goal is to exit each maze by obtaining the key for each door. You must avoid the spikes and find a way to get to each key by rotating the entire maze.

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play paper pipe twist

Paper Pipe Twist

Very challenging pipe game with a small chance of losing your nerves. Rotate a set of 4 blocks to ultimately link the water pipes and douse the flames.

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play piper


Create a pipeline by moving the pipes and the boxes in a limited space. Finish each level to advance to the next one.

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play plumber 2

Plumber 2

Rotate the pipes by clicking on them. Once you are sure you made a continuos pipeline between the tap and the overflow pipe, click the tap.

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play reverse


Exit each maze by avoiding colision with either the walls or the moving objects. Have in mind that the cursor movement is reversed.

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play simple color maze ep1

Simple Color Maze EP1

A simple colored 3D maze game where you need to find the exit of the labyrinth. Use arrow keys, W,A,S,D keys, or the mouse to move.

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play straight to the exit 2

Straight to the Exit 2

In Straight to the Exit 2 the goal is to get through each stage by collecting keys and points, avoiding obstacles and being caught in a wall.

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play super maze time attack

Super Maze Time Attack

Very hard maze game. What makes it hard is the time (which is runing out), the size of the maze, red crystals that needs to be collected, and the annoying saws.

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play the brick maze

The Brick Maze

The Brick Maze is a retro style game where you need to unlock every part of the maze in order to advance to the next one.

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play two pipes 2

Two Pipes 2

Challenging maze game with an objective to find your way out of each level through the exit pipe.

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play virtual large maze

Virtual Large Maze

Try to exit the virtual large maze as fast as possible. Use direction keys to navigate.

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