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play baker's game

Baker's Game

In Baker's Game you get to arrange the cards from the same suit starting from Ace to King.

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play black hole solitaire

Black Hole Solitaire

Place one card higher or lower than the card placed on the black hole spot. Two cards can be temporarily moved to the temp slots.

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play cards and diamonds

Cards and Diamonds

Make as many combinations as you can by combining three or more identical cards or three or more cards in ascending or discending order.

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play carriage solitaire

Carriage Solitaire

The objective is to remove all cards from the table by creating a chain from King to Ace and collecting it.

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play crescent solitaire

Crescent Solitaire

In Crescent Solitaire the objective is to move the cards from the sides to the center and pile them up above the kinds and aces.

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play discover london

Discover London

Discover London with this mix of games starting with classic solitaire then continuing to connect 2 and spot the difference game.

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play double freecell

Double Freecell

Arrange the cards from two decks from Ace to King and Ace again on the top right free cells.

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play double solitaire

Double Solitaire

Double Solitaire is an unusual card game where you need to play against the computer and earn more points by arranging the cards applying classic solitaire rules.

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play esp run 2

ESP Run 2

A simple guessing game where you need to guess the next card value comparing to the currently displayed one.

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play golf card game 2

Golf Card Game 2

Golf Card Game 2 is very versatile and interesting card game. We strongly recommend you read the in-game tutorial before playing. Enjoy.

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play graffiti patience

Graffiti Patience

The objective in this game is to pile up the cards from the top to the bottom by clicking on a card that is subsequent in acending or descending order.

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play klondike solitaire

Klondike Solitaire

A classic Solitaire card game where you need to arrange the cards from the same suit in ascending order starting from Ace.

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play lady palk

Lady Palk

A solitaire game that will keep you busy for hours. Arrange the cards in descending order regardless of the color and manage to uncover them all.

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play magic house patience

Magic House Patience

Magic House Patience is a card game with beautiful desing and graphics. Arrange the cards in descenting order beginning from king.

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play miner solitaire

Miner Solitaire

In this game the goal is to combine two cards of the same suit that are in the same row or column.

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play pyramid solitaire

Pyramid Solitaire: Ancient Egypt

The objective is to combine two cards that add to 13 and remove them from the pyramid.

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play Rummy


A classic card game of Rummy where you are challenged to outsmart the computer program and win the game.

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play santa solitaire

Santa Solitaire

Santa Solitaire is a Klondike type of solitaire with one exception: you can place any card on an empty spot.

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play sea tower solitaire

Sea Tower Solitaire

A solitaire card game similar to Frecell, except in Sea Tower Solitaire you need to build the cards from the same suit in increasing order starting from Ace.

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play soviet solitaire

Soviet Solitaire

Soviet Solitaire is a card game where the objective is to combine two cards with the same value regardless of the suit.

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play speed


Be fast and place the card in the middle that has same value, one more or one less value then one of the cards in the middle.

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play quartets


Quartets is quite interesting card game where you are challenged to create full set of four cards by asking other computer players for the desired one.

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