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play arkadium backgammon

Arkadium Backgammon

Arkadium Backgammon is a board game with great design and really smooth game play. Instructions on how to play this game can be found on the page. Have fun.

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play backgammon


Backgammon is a two player board game where you need to collect all points before the other player does. It requires skills and a bit of luck. Have fun.

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play checkers 3000

Checkers 3000

The objective in this game is to beat the opponent by eliminating his discs.

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play chess lessons damming

Chess Lessons Damming

This application containing a series of challenging chess problems for advance players. Drag pieces to appropriate field to see the reaction of the opponent.

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play classic checkers

Classic Checkers

Checkers is a two player board game and the objective is to eliminate opponent's pieces.

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play domino ace

Domino Ace

In this Domino game you play against the computer. Each of you starts with 7 domino tiles, 14 domino tiles are placed into the base.

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play dont get mad

Don't Get Mad

Classic Don't Get Mad game in flash. Manage to park all your pieces before the opponents do. Roll the dice and pray for six.

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play easy chess

Easy Chess

The creator of Easy Chess game took the time to develop a game according to his own skills, a Chess game for beginners.

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play flash checkers

Flash Checkers

The computer in this Checkers game is not-so-smart. However, it is still a challenge to beat it.

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play flip it

Flip It

The objective in Flip It game is to turn all black pieces to the white side so at the end all pieces on the board are white.

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play game of a thousand stars

Game of a Thousand Stars

Move the starts on the board to match the play screen formation with the target screen formation displayed on the right side.

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play interest renju

Interest Renju

Interest Renju is a board game that you can play against your friend on a hot seat. The goal is to line up five stones with the same color.

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play knights traveling

Knight's Traveling

Move the knight continuously on the chess board as many times as you can. The knight can be placed on one exact square only once.

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play mills


Mills or Nine Men's Morris is a two player strategy board game with main objective to reduce the opponent's pieces to two and win the game.

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play ming mang

Ming Mang

Ming Mang is a Tibetan board game that requires planing and strategy to play. The goal is to capture or immobilize the opponent's pieces.

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play multiplayer backgammon

Multiplayer Backgammon

Enjoy this multiplayer game of Backgammon by playing it against players from around the world. Register, log in with your Facebook account or play as a guest.

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play reversi


Take turns with the computer in placing the respective color discs on the board.

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play smart chess

Smart Chess

A game of Chess suitable for any level of chess skills. In this game you play against the computer that is not stupid.

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play xiangqi


Xiangqi, also known as Chinese Chess, is a board game for two players very simmilar to the classic game of Chess.

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