Free Online Logic Games

play social games

Social Games

Free online Social Games like Family Barn, Triviador and more.

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play board games

Board Games

Chess, Backgammon, Dominoes, Checkers, Xiangqi, Ming Mang and many other board games.

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play card games

Card Games

Many types of Solitaire, Patiens, Lady Palk, and other card games that boost your logic skills.

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play pen and paper games

Pen & Paper Games

From Tic-Tac-Toe through Hashi to Battleships.

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play strategy games

Strategy Games

Choose your favorite game to build up strategies and defeat the enemies.

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play maze games

Maze & Pipe Games

Use your logical thinking to successfully get out of every labyrinth or create a continuous pipeline.

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New Logic Games

play mills


Mills or Nine Men's Morris is a two player strategy board game with main objective to reduce the opponent's pieces to two and win the game.

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play easy chess

Easy Chess

The creator of Easy Chess game took the time to develop a game according to his own skills, a Chess game for beginners.

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play spectromancer


Play the official free Spectromancer flash version, a game of magic and strategy. Use the four elements decks, corresponding creatures and spells to beat the opponents.

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The Chosen Ones

play arkadium backgammon

Arkadium Backgammon

Arkadium Backgammon is a board game with great design and really smooth game play. Instructions on how to play this game can be found on the page. Have fun.

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play golf card game 2

Golf Card Game 2

Golf Card Game 2 is very versatile and interesting card game. We strongly recommend you read the in-game tutorial before playing. Enjoy.

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play calcudoku


Calcudoku is yet another great logic game from Conceptis Puzzles. For more details about the game read the in-game tutorial.

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play super mechs

Super Mechs

Challenge your friend's Mech in a fight to the end in this epic Super Mechs multiplayer game. Design and build your mech, plan your strategy, and be victorious.

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play never end

Never End

The goal is to exit each maze by obtaining the key for each door. You must avoid the spikes and find a way to get to each key by rotating the entire maze.

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play Rummy


A classic card game of Rummy where you are challenged to outsmart the computer program and win the game.

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play goodgame empire

Goodgame Empire

Goodgame Empire is an award winning massive multiplayer strategy game for year of 2012 that needs no special introduction. Build your empire and crush your enemies!

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play link-a-pix


Create links in a grid according to the rules. Click and drag a clue to create a link to the same clue. Read the in-game "How to Play" tutorial for complete explanation.

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play slider


The objective is to remove the red square from the frame by moving other squares around. Three puzzle types are available.

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