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Welcome to "Nephilim!" Alliance

If you don't have DomiNations game downloaded on your device, here are the direct links for iOS and Android:

DomiNations for Android (Google Play)
DomiNations for iOS (App Store)

To Apply for a membership into our Alliance, please select your Alliance Gate, then Search and type in: "Nephilim!".

Alliance Gate - DomiNations
Search For Alliances - DomiNations
Nephilim! Alliance - DomiNations


In order for our alliance to be succesfull we are heavily relying on communication during World War for assigning targets for the players.

For that purpose we use a communication application similar to Messenger and Viber, called LINE, because the IN-GAME chat is very bugged, unreliable and limited.

ALL MEMBERS must download the application within 24 hours of joining the alliance, after which if they do not have the application they will be removed from the alliance.


LINE app

1. Install the LINE app from Google Play or App Store. You can use the links provided:

You must install LINE on your phone. If you are using iPad or other Tablet, first you will need to create account on your phone, add Username and Password in Settings, and then use that Username and Password to Log In on your iPad, Tablet and PC.

2. Create an account and use the same DISPLAY NAME as IN-GAME so we can relate the chat member with the in-game character. You can use any LINE ID you like.

3. Add user "ellada1977" and "ptah1978" as friends, and send them a simple message.

Leader of the AlliancePeriklis
Co-Leader of the AlliancePtah

4. They will then add you to our group chat where you can recieve instructions during WORLD WAR, ask questions, share your game experience and more.

5. Every member MUST be World War ready and active, unless there is a reason for the absence in which case the player must CHECK OUT of World War and inform a Commander. Before starting a War the commanders will choose who will be IN or OUT depending on the balance of the team. So not all times all members will make the cut.

World War Button - DomiNations

6. Every member MUST donate troops to other members regardless of the Age they are in. Donated Troops are automatically turned to Industrial Age grade because of the Alliance Perk.

Industrial Age Promotion Alliance Perk -

7. IMPORTANT! If you are in a WORLD WAR, you are obliged to make two attacks. If you miss two attacks in a WORLD WAR, you'll be automatically removed from the Alliance.

8. Read the World War Rules HERE.

9. Please treat your team members with kindness and avoid communication abuse.

10. If a player does not show any advancement of his game skills in a reasonable time, will be removed from the alliance.


Every player MUST MARK IN FOR WORLD WAR, unless there is a good reason not to, in which case the player must inform a Commander.

In order for this game to be pleasant and give time to regular players to prepare for a World War without the stress of constant lack of resources, we have decided to have two wars a week. Here are the activities in a week:

War Days Schedule for Nephilim! - DomiNations

During PLANNING DAY for a World War, the Commanders of our Alliance will chose the World War participants (which means sometimes not all players will make it in the list) and assess the strength of the enemy to assign speciffic target to the war participants. Often times you'll be asked in LINE chatroom which target you prefer and think you can 5 star, because there is no way for Commanders to know what army you have on disposal, including coalitions, tactics, mercenaries. Once you get your target you can proceed and attack it as soon as possible once the WAR DAY has started. Do not attack another player's target. If it's asked of you to HOLD your attack, you should not attack until you receive further instructions. Usually after 14 hours of the beginning of the World War (10 hours remaining of the World War) a commander will either give permision to all players to attack any target that has not been defeated and the player is confident they can 5 star it, or will reassign targets to other players depending on the War progress. If all targets are destroyed, you can even attack an already destroyed target that you can 5 star and get the loot at the end of the World War. More important than winning is ALL PLAYERS TO USE BOTH OF THEIR ATTACKS and LEARN FROM THEIR MISTAKES AND ADVANCE. Practice makes perfect. The assignment of the targets (depending on the commander) will look something like this:

Attack Plan of Nephilim! - DomiNations

Preparation for World War

In order to be fully ready for World War, every player shoud have Coalitions, Troop Tactics (Armies from the Stronghold), and Mercenaries in addition to your own Army and Tactics from the War Academy. You will have plenty of time between wars to gather the resources for all. DON'T SPEND ANY of those in Multiplayer Battles. Reserve them exclusively for World War.

Coalittion resources are gathered from 5 star victories.

Armies are gathered by watching daily video commercials, daily League rewards from the dock, daily Victory Chest, Expeditions from the Dock, and from Marco Polo using Rubies gathered from a succesfull attacks in a World War.

Resources for Mercenaries are gathered from Multiplayer battles, daily League rewards and Gathering in your base.

Basic World War Battle Tactics

The most basic attack tactic in a World War Battle would be the following:

1. Find a spot that is not too exposed to the enemy defenses.

2. Start deploying your units with the most hit points (Horsemen, Tanks, Elephant Mercenaries) so they soak up the damage of Catapults (Mortars) which are dangerous for your other troops.

3. Deploy Ballistas (Artillery) so they start destroying enemy buildings immediately.

4. Deploy Archers (Riflemen) to protect your Horsemen (Tanks) and Ballista (Artillery) from defending infantry who are their weakness.

5. Deploy Healing Unit (if you have one). You deploy it now so it does not get exposed to enemy fire and is protected by the Archers (Riflemen).

6. Deploy Troop Tactics (Stronghold Armies).

7. DO NOT use Raiders (units that prioritize resource buildings) for World Wars unless you know exactly what you're doing and why.

8. Deploy all troops on one spot and don't split your army unless the enemy base is huge and you know exactly what you're doing and why.

9. Use Tactics as your army progresses and NOT before deploying your troops because you lose Quick Victory precious seconds.

10. If your army splits too much and is getting too much damage, rally it on a spot not exposed to enemy defenses.

11. Progress slowly and patiently and do not rush for a Quick Victory, especially when the Town Center is surrounded by defences. By slow progression you can get 4 stars, and by rushing for Town Center you will often get 2 and get your armies destroyed. Of course every rule has exceptions, but we have seen too many of these mistakes.

12. Fully Research "Banners" at the Library as soon as possible. It is the most important research for World War Battles.

* Only after you have mastered the basics, you can get creative in your attacks.



Leagues in DomiNations

As you rise up in rank, the daily League rewards grow. You can collect your reward from the boat that arrives daily at the dock.

Another reward that you can collect daily is the Victory Chest reward after winning 15 stars in Multiplayer Battles.

As you grow in rank, the victory chest rewards grow too, reaching a daily reward of 3 MILLION food or gold, and/or 15000 oil at the rank of 2200+, which will allow you to upgrade your base and armies faster.

Victory Chest - DomiNations

You can also receive Troop Tactics (Armies in the Stronghold), which you can use to win World War Battles and gain even more loot including Rubbies.

When Marco Polo Arrives (the merchant) you can use those rubbies to get more armies or other goodies.

Bellow is a video about how to easily win a multiplayer battle using minimum amount of foot soldiers.


The main tactic is to attack ONLY the exposed Town Centers and get 2 star victory using ONLY foot soldiers (the first unit in your barracks, not the archers) because they have very good attack on buildings, are cheap and trained fast. Once you reach your desired rank, get your 15 star daily Victory Chest and League Reward (which after 1200 medals are pretty nice), then get destroyed (assuming you'll reach a rank way beyond you actual strength) and sit back untill the next day.

The core tactic is as follows: Deploy few foot soldiers near the opponent's Town Center if possible, to activate traps and defenders spawning from the Town Center. Then deploy a single foot soldier on the other side of the map to attract the already spawned enemy defenders. When they are far enough from the Town Center, deploy more foot soldiers near the Town Center and Rally them to attack it.

You can get creative with this tactic if you notice large amounts of exposed resource buildings, and as shown in the video above, when the opponent has the Forbidden City Wonder.


The best and smartest investment you can do once you get 1000 (2000) crowns is to use them to open the second upgrade slot at the Armory and Library, costing 1000 crowns each and are permanent.

That way you can upgrade two units simultaneously, and research two technologies at the same time.

Armory in DomiNations

The fastest way to earn crowns is by completing the Achievements, the most rewarding of which is the "League Ranking" Achievement.

Most Rewarding Achievement in Dominations


You can watch few daily videos to get free crowns, armies or blessings.

Daily Video Commercials - DomiNations


Most players do not notice that the Armory has many tabs on the left, where you can upgrade much more than the troops. Here is an image as a reminder.

Armory Upgrades in DomiNations


Normal Town Layouts should mainly focus on protecting your resources, while War Base layout shoul focus on protecting your Town Center in order to deny stars to the opponent.

Here are some example layouts from our players:

Medieval Age Town Layout by Ha Ha.

Medieval Age Town Layout by Ha Ha - DomiNations

Medieval Age War Base Layout by Ha Ha.

Medieval Age War Base Layout by Ha Ha - DomiNations

Medieval Age War Base Layout by Lisztaffe.

Medieval Age War Base Layout by Lisztaffe - DomiNations

Gunpowder Age War Base Layout by Gaurav.

Enlightenment Age War Base Layout by Gaurav - DomiNations

Enlightenment Age Town Layout by Damien.

Enlightenment Age Town Layout by Damien - DomiNations

Enlightenment Age War Base Layout by Damien.

Enlightenment Age War Base Layout by Damien - DomiNations

Enlightenment Age Town Layout by Periklis.

Enlightenment Age Town Layout by Periklis - DomiNations

Industrial Age Town Layout by Ptah.

Industrial Age Town Layout by Ptah - DomiNations

Industrial Age War Base Layout by Ptah.

Industrial Age War Base Layout by Ptah - DomiNations

Atomic Age Town Layout by Oliver.

Atomic Age Town Layout by Oliver - DomiNations

Atomic Age War Base Layout by Oliver.

Atomic Age War Base Layout by Oliver - DomiNations

Here are some example layouts from our opponents:

Industrial Age War Base Layout by Makc (Грознaя Русь).

Industrial Age War Base Layout by Makc (Грознaя Русь) - DomiNations

Let's brag about some of our victories now :)